Cruelty-Free Cult Beauty Buy Alternatives

Well as you know, I LOVES the bunnies and pretty much anything to do with animals. Since getting married, I've had to adopt a system, to not only check all products for "animal friendliness", but also for toxicity levels since my dear husband is very concerned about that. He wants my nails to outlive me, so I can't even use regular nail polish anymore. 

So, I am the weird lady at the store scanning the bar codes of soaps and detergents to determine if the scores are acceptable, and typing in the name of the company into Peta's database to make sure even the parent company doesn't test their ingredients on animals. Some companies will say "this product was not tested on animals", but that doesn't mean the ingredients weren't! It gets very tricky.

(One thing to know right off the bat, is that any product manufactured in China will have been tested on animals as the government there requires it.)

So without further delays, here is a list that I have put together of 14 products I have switched to after finding out my original picks were indeed, tested on this adorable bunny. Okay, so I'm not sure this was the actual bunny, but the image should help convince you to take this cruelty free step with me :)

TARTE: I looove Tarte, and especially like their blushes. This brand was started by a lady entrepreneur (and you know #girlbosses are my jam) because she couldn't find a makeup line that was all natural. So she made one herself! Ingredients are harvested from the banks of the Amazon River and naturally baked by the sun, how cool is that? The blushes are highly pigmented and don't feel sticky. "Watermelon" and "Natural Beauty" are my faves! The ingredients are all non toxic and you can feel good about putting them on your skin! It's practically like doing a mud treatment, right?

E.LF.: This is definitely one of the most affordable (prices are $1-$3 for each individual product!) brands and I love their vegan brush line. You wont be getting professional quality but they are soft and good quality for the price! My fave is the blending brush, I use it almost every day!

TOO FACED: Better than Sex mascara- This is one of my favorite mascaras, and one of the few cruelty-free ones that don't make my eyes burn. You have to work with it a little bit as it does add tons of volume and if you're not careful it can get kind of clumpy. But keep sweeping along the whole lash and it works itself out!

NYX: I love this brand, it is super awesome and affordable! You can find it almost anywhere and it is totally animal friendly! My faves are the liquid black liner and the kohl liner! (I can't vouch for its toxicity as I have not done much research in that regard.) 

HOURGLASS: The Immaculate foundation by Hourglass is a bit different then what you may be used to. It has sort of a whipped texture, and dries very fast on the skin, so make sure to be quick. I prefer to apply it with a buffing motion using a flat foundation brush myself. I used this on my wedding day after trying approximately 12 different foundations, as my worst fear was being shiny and oily on my day! This thing DID NOT move. I would not recommend this for every day wear, but if you're like me and want your face to be on point after hours and hours for a special occasion, (and you have oily or combo skin like me), this is a great option! Combine with the Becca Primer and your face will not move for days (but I hope you wash it that night).

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS: Brow Wiz. Alright now, let's talk about the Brow Wiz. This is BY FAR, the best eyebrow product I have ever used in my LIFE!! I am obsessed and have gone through 5 in the last 2 years. They are amazingly thin and accurate, something I find very helpful, and perfectly pigmented, so that even if you have a heavy hand you wont be looking like Martin Scorsese! I. am. addicted.

URBAN DECAY: Individual Shadows. I love these little guys! For my wedding I layered "midnight cowboy" with "space cowboy" (this one has a super fine powder consistency so it's easy to layer for shimmer), and my eyes were sparkling like a sky full of stars all night! No glitter fall out either, yay! (But don't forget to use primer!)

TOO FACED: I love the Cocoa Powder Foundation! It has cocoa extract and smells uhhhhmazing! I sweep it over my whole face as a setting powder with a fluffy brush, or press it in using a sponge if im going foundation-free and want some light coverage and oil control. 

KAT VON D: The Lock It concealer is one of my favorites! It is heavy duty, no transfer, almost like the stuff she makes for covering up tattoos! It is also oil- and paraben-free, which is a total plus!

URBAN DECAY: The Naked Palettes are amazing! Super pigmented and in combination with the primer, do not crease! I have the Naked 2, and in my opinion it's the best and more blendable/customizable one for my skin tone (olive). But they are all amazing!!

BECCA: Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector. - This his primer is the real deal. It is SUPER thick and super long lasting. I would use it on longer wear days (like my wedding day), only in my T-zone, and sparingly. One bottle has lasted me over a year! I have had friends use it and think it's too matte, so be careful and maybe get a sample at Sephora before investing the $36! It's one of those I like to have, but for every day I usually would skip it and use a lighter primer. 

PHILOSOPHY: This is such a fun and clean brand. I love all the smells and truly like how effective the skin care is. I love using amazing grace for cleaning my makeup brushes because it doesn't leave any residue, and I am a total NO RESIDUE lover!

ALBA BOTANICA: I use several Alba hair and skin care products, and they are all great! They smell great and are non-toxic as well! You can easily find them on Amazon, or Whole Foods and Central Market. 

BARE ESCENTUALS: The Warmth Bronzer has been my favorite since High School! It just does something amazing for your face no matter what complexion you have! It immediately warms it up and photoshops it to make it look smooth! It's pure love between us. This brand is totally bunny friendly and natural, and I recommend you trying some of the products because you're sure to love at least one. 


  • Benefit 
  • Mac
  • Loreal
  • Estee Lauder
  • Stila Cosmetics
  • Ralph Lauren (I cried with this one, RL is my all time favorite brand)
  • Viktor and Rolf
  • Cetaphil
  • Peter Thomas Roth
  • Pantene
  • Herbal Essences
  • Suave
  • Aussie
  • Dove
  • Band-Aid (Johnson & Johnson)
  • Chapstick
  • Clorox
  • Crest
  •  Lancome (L'Oreal)
  • Lubriderm (Johnson & Johnson)
  • Mary Kay
  • Maybelline
  • Nair
  • Organix Hair (it says on their site that they don't, but I trust PETA's site more)
  • Pampers
  • Origins (Estee Lauder)
  • Ponds (Unilever)
  • Revlon
  • St. Ives (Unilever)
  • Tommy Hilfiger (Estee Lauder)
  • Vaseline (Unilever)
  • Victoria's Secret (Limited Brands)
  • Walgreens
  • Windex (S.C. Johnson)
  • Neutrogena (Johnson & Johnson)
  • Gillette Co.(Procter & Gamble)
  • DOLCE & GABBANA (Procter & Gamble)
  • Dawn (Procter & Gamble)
  • Clinique (Estee Lauder)
  • Clean & Clear (Johnson & Johnson)
  • Bobbi Brown (Estee Lauder)
  • Aveeno
  • Almay


This post is not sponsored in any way, and it is a sincere review of products I personally love and purchase with my own money :) . The brands under the list have been verified on the PETA website as of today's date.)