Your Big Life Redesign: The Sacrifices You'll Make

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We’ve been talking about living a life of your own design; how to start the journey and the results you get when you start making intentional choices in your life. Now that you have begun to see first hand the benefits of living this new life, you may have also noticed it comes with a few sacrifices as well. 

Sacrifices are normal, and part of the journey. Here are some of the most common ones, and how to deal.


Living an intentional life means you won't have time to spare. It's time to give up those long hours binge-watching Orange is the New Black because this journey is a full time job. Early mornings, late nights, weekends - whatever it takes to to pursue your passions and work on yourself. Your time becomes valuable and you won't have time to spend fighting with your ego or comparing yourself to other people. 

Your Social Life

Another huge sacrifice comes in the form of happy hours, drinks after work, brunches on Sunday mornings, and the like. Putting yourself in a financial stable place is important, but for those first few months - or years - of taking a big leap, you might feel the stress of being short on rent. You will learn to prioritize and be less.... fancy. This might mean downgrading your car, or grabbing the $5 bottle special instead of the top shelf stuff. 

Your Old Goals

This may sound counterintuitive, but your new life will cost you your old one. You will have to let go of your old goals to focus and achieve your new ones, and with that, comes a new set of values. Having a new set of values will in turn make you feel like you're failing at your previous ones, but that's okay. Sometimes ours goals are misplaced to begin with, to show some ego-centric achievement we think we need to prove ourselves. Realizing this and moving on to more productive -- and honest -- goal-setting is key to success. 


Stability is the building block to our souls and usually the main thing we seek in life. Pour yourself a glass of rosé and brace yourself because there is nothing stable about building a life of your own design. Remember you are building something totally new, from scratch, without any rules. It doesn’t come with a training manual, any instructions, a supervisor, or any assistants. The good news here is, you get to write the manual, so make it good.

Losing Your Hype Fam

It's easy to have support when you're doing something conventional and proven to work. It's a lot harder to get support from your friends when you are trying to become the first fashion brand to ever be manufactured by Panda bears living on Mars. The point is, the more unique your goals are, the more you will need to learn to believe in yourself and become your own hype man. You are the starting player, the coach, and the head cheerleader. Remember you got this, and be confident that the sacrifice -- and loneliness - are only for a season.

Focus on seeing these sacrifices as markers that you are on the right path to a better life - one that you designed yourself, and have only yourself to blame or thank. 

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