What You Need to Know When Designing Your First Bathroom

When designing your first bathroom ground-up, you have to consider quality, price and efficiency while keeping style in mind. It sounds complicated, but it's been done by many new homeowners before. The key to your dream bathroom is taking it one step at a time, making plans for each fixture individually but working toward a cohesive end product. 

The choices you make in the beginning when designing your home are not only important at the moment but will be important in the long run as well. If you decide to sell your house your bathroom will need to be attractive to future buyers, so bear these tips in mind as you pick fixtures for your new home.


Tubs can add a bit of luxury to a bathroom, especially if you're incorporating a stand-alone tub into your design. However, more goes into choosing a tub than simply eye-catching curves. You should gain some knowledge on tub attributes before choosing one.

Exactly what tub you choose largely depends on your requirements. If you have small children, you’re going to think of what they need — are you going to have a hand-held shower head included in your bath for easy bathing?

I have a family of four and my bath is designed for comfort rather than anything else, with two lever taps that I can turn with my toes. It fits neatly into the side of my bathroom, with three sides against the wall and two of those walls including shelf space. It’s made of acrylic, a material that is lightweight, cheap and easy to clean. I love the idea of a fancy tub made of marble or wood, but those require much more care to stay looking good. 


Showers are far from the purely functional item they used to be. Now, a carefully chosen shower can be what makes or breaks a bathroom. That being said, a carefully chosen shower can also be what makes or breaks your water bill. Leaky faucets can add up to hundreds of dollars lost over time so it's important you don't skimp when picking a shower head. Companies are falling over themselves to provide eco-friendly solutions for people keen to get in on saving the environment whilst they shower, so it's never been easier to find an economic option.

There are many fascinating (and sometimes odd) shower designs out there, but you can never go wrong with a simple 2.5 gallons per minute showerhead. It’s not recommended you invest in an overly ostentatious shower for a first home — save your money now and invest in a statement shower once you know you're in a home you'll have for an extended time.


As with showers, it’s possible to transform a simple sink into a creative and imaginative fixture. Most people choose a classic china sink because it’s easy to clean and people don’t spend as much time using their sinks compared to the time spent in showers. Unconventional sinks are also coming into fashion, especially in the form of bowls seated above a clean wooden unit and spruced up with a wall faucet.

You should consider how your sink will work, since it’s one of the most important items in your bathroom. How many taps do you want? Do you need a built-in soap dispenser? Consider who will be using the sink and take into account if it would be easier for house members to use a lever handle or a knob.


The toilet is arguably the most important thing in your bathroom and it's crucial to give it the thought it deserves. There are many different styles of toilets to choose from these days, including space-savers that bolt directly into the wall.  Bear in mind the fact that unusual toilets will often require a specialist to come out if should anything break, potentially costing you more money than you’d like to spend.

If you value money over space, a traditional stand-alone toilet would be a better option. Similarly, if water consumption is a concern for you then consider getting a toilet that has a dual-button flush. This allows you flush with different flush capabilities that allow you to save water based on the type of waste and could save you money in the long run.

Don’t rush the creation of your first bathroom. Go through catalogs, check prices online, ask your housemates for their opinions and treat the creation of the space like you would treat the creation of any other room in your house. The average person will spend over two years of their life in their bathroom, so don’t spend those two years in a dull and unfriendly space!

Mackenzie Fox - Guest Blogger