Vintage is Back and We Couldn't Be Happier

Go into therapy for years and you’ll be advised not to ever dwell on the past relationships or past experiences. Apparently, the past’s holding you back and preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself in the now and the future. Interestingly enough, fashion and interior designers seem to disagree with this standpoint. 

To them, going back into the past means relying on the past sentiment for inspiration, bringing a hint of melancholy and emotion into your modern ways. There’s something inspiring in using your past experiences (in this case, old clothes and furniture) as a reminder of what works and what doesn’t.

As designers observe, the inclusion of old furniture into modern spaces doesn’t only hold sentimental value; much of it has to do with artistic rebellion, experimentation with shapes and colors, as well as with the attempt to push the envelope in terms of design as much as possible. 

As Vintage is the style that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, we’re talking about creating a vintage-inspired room in your home and making it work with the rest of your modern surroundings. Read on and start your vintage adventure.

vintage lighting bathroom

Image via Redo Home & Design

Choose furniture with soul and period detail

What does this mean? To understand, first envision which vintage style you want the space to have The style has evolved through time and there are now several variants you can adopt:

  1. Shabby-chic vintage: combine painted and mismatched pieces like an antique armoire used as a media center and slipper chairs scattered with small flowers or upholstered in cotton with faded stripes 
  2. Country vintage: include two wing chairs in contrasting plaid fabric and a camelback sofa in a country print 
  3. Old cottage vintage: think distressed leather club chairs and overstuffed sofas covered in chintz to achieve an old-cottage vintage look

Once you’ve chosen your vintage vibe, make use of the furniture that’s already a part of your heirloom or buy the type that’s just like it. Companies like Chicicat make furniture replicas that perfectly imitate the old days, helping you to achieve your vintage theme. 

Image via Redo Home & Design

Make a statement with your light fixtures

Lighting has always been an integral part of retro furniture décor, so pay close attention to the type of lighting fixtures you choose. Whether you are going for the pendant fixtures of the late 1960's, or the retro metal arc floor lamp with a big lampshade that marked the style of the 1970's – vintage lighting can stand alone in a modern room and still pack a punch.

southern porch living antique details 

Photo by Laurey W.Glenn via Southern Living 

Invest in front-porch living

Outdoor, porch “living” was a big thing in the vintage days so why not make it a thing again? Spruce up your porch by coating it white, add a few rocking chairs and you’re done creating a vintage hotspot! Decorate with plants in old crates or olive buckets, add pottery details, Edison-bulb string lights, vintage lamps, and don't forget color. 

Images via Anthropologie - 1 | 2

Accessorize with intention

Here is where you can have fun and change up the room frequently. Think brightly colored worn quilts thrown over the sofa, a wicker rocker, oversized gilt mirrors gracing the walls, a collection of patinaed pewter plates, burned-red pillows, faded Persian-style rugs, egg-shaped mustard yellow chairs, a chippy fireplace, old books stacked under a lamp - small details add layer to a room, and layers are a main part of vintage decor. 

Article by Cooper Klein of Smooth Decorator