Top 5 Best Drugstore Mascaras

If I were to survey 100 women, asking them the one thing they can't live without, I have a sneaky suspicion the majority would say: mascara. What is it about that dark, mysterious, beauty that layers our lashes? I mean, when you find the perfect one, you just know. Love at first coat.  

However, no one wants to talk about the journey getting there. Trying new Mascaras can be as scary as cliff diving. No seriously. I've done both. The anxiety from both leaves me with a mix of feeling that I need therapy, and also that after I'm done I can conquer the world. If you have never had that feeling with mascara chances are, you haven't found " the one " yet.  

I have tried, and fallen in love with so many. Some are like 5 star hotels, you can only experience it once, or twice a year if you're lucky. I want my eyes to pop, not my husband's when he's seen what I've spent on that little bottle of black magic.  

But why should our lashes suffer because we're not millionaires? Here is a roundup of drugstore Mascaras that have passed my careful inspection and will not break your bank! 

1. Cover Girl The Super Sizer

This mascara has been in stores for a while now, and it really made me believe in inexpensive mascara again. The brush is not typically one I would fancy, but oh my dang does this do the trick. I will admit I use more than 3 coats of this bad boy, but you cannot deny the length that it will bring you! 

2. Covergirl Lashblast Volume

There is a reason this orange tube is a cult classic. It works! The wand really grips onto your lashes leaving you with fantastic volume.  

3. Maybelline Lash Sensational  

What I adore about this one, is that it has a "fanning" effect. It leaves you feeling like you're wearing falsies. Again, great for lengthening.  

4. L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black  

This one has to be my favorite. It is so black, and stays put. All. Day. Long. I hate finding smudgies under my eyes mid day. Like we get it. I have bags. I don't need extra help in that department! The brush for this one allows it to lengthen while still giving you volume. Win win. What girl doesn't want that?  

5. Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket

This one totally reminds me of the dupe for Benefit's " They're Real ". And a fraction of the cost. I love the brush on this one, fans, lengthens, and thickens.  

Whatever you choose, testing out some of these, even if you go through a few, will still leave you with some extra money in your pocket. You know, to buy more makeup, and a latte. Or, if you're responsible, tuck it away for a rainy day!