How to Properly Remove Makeup & The Debate of Facial Wipes vs. Cleansers

There has been a huge surge in cosmetics and other skin care products in the last decade. Men and women alike leave no stones unturned in experimenting with cosmetics and makeup. It’s quite handy to carry our little vanity kits with us wherever we go, and touch up for any last minute plans. However, it’s not as much fun to remove that makeup at the end of an exhausting day, or when coming home from a late night party.  Some of us don’t really care and crash into bed without even worrying about removing the face paint, while others will employ the wrong tactics, such as facial wipes for removing harsh chemical-based cosmetics. 

What happens if you don’t remove all of your makeup at the end of the day?   Not only could it lead to clogging of pores but, it could also give birth to permanent blemishes and/or skin infections.  There are several makeup removers available in the market but not all of them are recommended. Some of these removers are filled with chemicals and are injurious to the skin. Therefore, it would be beneficial to follow these cost effective and eco-friendly tips for removing makeup without causing any damage:

1. Wash your face gently and apply sunscreen before you go to bed.

2. Use cleansing oil (if you have dry skin).  Apply oil on a cotton swab and then swipe it across your face.  Wash the face with foaming cleanser and rinse off the cleanser with warm cloth.

4.  Apply moisturizer on the skin.  This method will assist the skin to regain its natural glow along with healing wrinkles on some level.  

3. Use Vaseline to remove eye makeup or mascara, and make sure that you wash your face afterwards.

Those who are too tired to properly remove makeup at the end of the day may think the use of wipes is a good idea.  But, is it really?  Perhaps, not! Dermatologists do not necessarily support the use facial wipes as they leave residue behind on the skin. Moreover, many wipes are known to cause skin irritation, especially for those with dry and sensitive skin. Instead, I would recommend these cleansers for optimal results:

 1.  Simple Foaming Cleanser - As the name suggests its simple cleanser.  It assists in removing all the dirt and makeup from your face and give you smooth and soft skin. The cleanser is made form triple purified water and the ingredients used in the cleanser helps in hydrating the skin and also provide the essential nutrients. 

2.  L'Oreal Paris Clean Foaming Gel Cleanser - The cleanser from L'Oreal Paris is a Dermatologist-tested formula which is suitable for all skin types and the gel based formula is excellent for makeup and dirt removal. 

 3. Neutrogena Cosmetics Makeup Remover -  A gentle cleanser which helps you remove even the waterproof makeup with ease. It’s designed with a dual phase formula which can also remove eye makeup and it is ophthalmologist tested and marked safe even for those who wear contacts! 

Hopefully this article will help you understand the significance taking care of your skin every night and guide you towards skin "friendly" products!

Lisa Hill - Guest Blogger

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