7 Things That People Do Not Tell You About Home Ownership

It’s likely that you already know or have heard that owning a home is not easy but is also truly amazing. You hear about the typical things that homeowners are responsible for such as lawn work, keeping the exterior of the home clean and safe as well as changing out the filters, cleaning the windows, the gutters and keeping the water softener filled with salt. You also hear about the good and the bad neighbors, you hear about the comfort, peace and pride of owning a home. You hear about how you are investing in your future and are growing in so many ways as a person. But there are some things that you don’t typically hear about before you buy a home. Iam pleased to share some homeowner situations that we may or may not have experienced in the 12 month’s we have been in our home. 

  1. Wild animals want to live with you
    1. If you have trees and grass, there’s a chance that rabbits, birds, squirrels, deer, and other wild animals may love your home. I know quite a few home owners, including myself, who have had or have a bird family renting from them. All year I watched mama and papa morning doves (Patricia & Timothy) build a home on top of our outdoor speaker system, which sits right outside of the sliding patio door. Once Pat and Tim built their nest, they got pregnantthen they had babies. That’s when Pat and Tim got angry and would yell at us anytime we wanted to enjoy our patio. So the eviction notice was sent out. Pat and Timand their babies have moved out, they didn't like our dog anyway.   
  2. Junk mail multiplies
    1. You think it’s bad when you’re renting? Oh man, the junk mail multiplies by 100 when you own a home. All of the local landscaping and roofing companies send you a daily reminder of how you are slacking and probably need to pay someone to help your lawn and or garden out. And now that you’re a home owner, all of the credit card companies know you need more stuff so they send you a daily application or approval for a new credit card. 
  3. Bugs want to live with you
    1. Okay fine, everywhere has bugs whether you are renting or owning. But when you own you can’t call your landlord to exterminate the tiny black worm centipede who has invaded your basement then died because the environment is too dry for it. You are the landlord. Google will tell you, too bad so sad; this will happen, here is how you deal with itor you can call someone and pay them a lot of money to tell you what to door they will spray chemicals inside of your home. 
  4. House noises are scary
    1. Your home owner friends will tell you about all of the scary noises your house makes and “don’t worry it’s nothing.” But when you are home alone, it’s the middle of the night and you hear scratching in your ceiling for hours on end, no matter what you were expecting it is scary. The noises are always worse when A. you're home alone B. it’s storming and/or really gloomy outside C. when you’re watching the news and hear about a nearby robbery. Some people say that you get used to the noises, but I am not sure if that is true.
  5. Choosing your color palette will drive you insane
    1. Pinterest is your worst enemywhy, because it gives you too many ideas and too much inspiration. If you are indecisive, like me, you bring home 100+ color swatches and they all happen to be a different shade of greige. Not only do you want to love it but you also want to think about re-sale and what the future tenants will like, so it’s like trying to make yourself and a complete stranger happy. Choosing a color palette is probably one of the most difficult things I have ever done, and to this day I am deathly afraid of adding a color to my very neutral home. 
  6. Landscaping may just be for the birds
    1. If you’re lucky, the previous owners had a green thumb and left you with some beautiful landscaping with flowers you didn't know existed. If you’re unlucky, the previous owners left you with a beautiful garden and landscape that you have no idea how nor have the time to take care of. Or you can be either lucky or unlucky if you were left with just plain old grass. 
  7. You may never get it the way you want it
    1. Before you even sign your home title you will have a Pinterest board for each room of the house. You know exactly what it will look like and because you know this, it will be so quick and easy. Stop. Right. There. NOPE.  This may be one of the biggest disappointments, if you ask me. Your home will never look like a Pinterest home, now hear me out. This is your home, make it your own. This is where you will grow, where love will grow and where you will grow to learn to love what you have. Take it one day at a time and remind yourself that it may take months or even years to have it just the way you like…and once you have it right you’ll want to change it. 

Owning a home is truly one of the most incredible things I have ever done. Every situation can be good or bad depending on how you handle it. Take every day with a grain of salt and never forget that you’re learning and nothing will ever be perfect. Your home is your home and you should enjoy every second of it, through the good and the bad.