The Top 20 Jobs For Creative Millennials in 2018


Many of us Millennials are baffled and confused when it comes to our careers.

How do I get my dream jobs? Are they hiring? How do my peers afford their lives?? Wait, what is my dream job, anyway?

Whether we have been part of the workforce for a few years or are just entering into college trying to choose a field of study, today’s careers have changed drastically from what they used to be for previous generations. 

A study put out by Young Invisibles ranked the best 25 jobs for Millennials, using three types of filters: Expected growth, millennial share, and median income - all great factors to consider when choosing a promising career.

But here’s the catch…

Millennials care. We care about things like effecting social change, obtaining work-life balance, and that pesky thing called self-fulfillment. We want to love the work we do, impact our community, and make the world a better place. There is also the sense of recognition from our colleagues, the impression that we are valued and highly regarded by our peers. Such success encompasses many factors impossible to measure by data.  

Though earning more money and having benefits is important, many things need to be taken into consideration when choosing a career as a millennial. Matching our skills to our interests and finding a niche in the market can be challenging. 

So here’s the deal.

We have studied the list done by Young Invisibles, read up on articles detailing the best career choices, and decided to add even more jobs for you to consider as a Millennial.


We know how we think, and we know that while becoming a Petroleum Engineer may earn you over $150k a year, you may hate every single minute of it. It’s clear that careers in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) field are skyrocketing in interest and job openings over the next 10 years, but Millennials are forging their own path using innovations in those fields to do something they find personally fulfilling, rather then follow a structured career.

And sometimes they even greater success. 

What does this look like?

Something like taking your interest in technology and applying it to your other interest, say social justice. Maybe you create an app that enables under-privileged countries to pair up with socially conscious companies and enterprises. Or maybe you love social media and can conjure up a post in under 5 minutes that attracts hundreds of likes - Why not monetize something that is a hobby for you and consult for brands that have no idea how to do it? 

What's the secret?

Thinking outside the box, and learnability . Gone are the days of the life-long job model. With new skills emerging as fast as old ones become extinct, the desire and ability to adapt skills to remain employable  redefine career security for  millennials.

Our point is, millennials will make up 75% of the American workforce by 2025, meaning we really have a chance to turn every industry on its head. Even as 25-year olds with no experience. Fear is a thing of the past, so our goal is to bust the myth that entrepreneurial careers aren’t as possible or lucrative as traditional ones, and curate a list of the most promising careers for millennials today. 

Here we go:

1. SEO Strategist

SEO is a valuable and unique skill to have today, and astute millennials are picking up on the high demand for it. Google algorithms get more complicated each year, and most websites don't have the manpower or staff to solely focus on SEO, so writers and editors have to rely on their own skills. This is an opportunity for a young millennial to specialize in this field and offer their services on a consulting or contract basis and own their own business. You can specialize in local SEO and consult for local magazines and businesses, strategize for individual brands on what they can do to improve their Google ranking, and charge in different ways depending on the services you offer. 

Best Career Paths For Creative Millennials 2018

2. Social Media Manager

Social Media has exploded over the last 5 years, and Millennials are quickly filling up job openings in companies who are tuning in to the importance of having a strong social presence. If you can’t get away from your smart phone, you may be able to turn it into a full time career.

If this is your passion, there are a few ways to do this for a living: You can consult, or start your own agency after learning the tricks of the trade with your own channels, and apply the skills to bigger companies, charging for the implementation, time spent and results obtained. We foresee this career becoming more popular than ever in 2017, and it's not going anywhere in the next 10 years. Not too bad for a 25-year old with no job experience. 

3. Travel Vlogger

Yes you read that correctly. These days, traveling can be an actual job. You've seen them, young millennials galavanting all over the world for free, and sharing beautiful pictures on Instagram. The truth however, is that they are working in marketing. If this interests you, start by learning photography, videography, and sharpen your writing skills. There is no formal training for this job, and creativity is key, so continue to practice, think outside the box when taking photos, and make contacts with other travelers, travel companies, and travel PR firms. In short, tourism companies pay a lot in advertising to bring tourists to their area, so hosting a travel blogger or writer and paying them to share that destination is just another way they invest in advertising. This is a highly sought field, but mainly exclusive to millennials and standing out as unique is key.

(If this topic interests you please stay tuned for a full article and more tips on becoming a travel blogger!)

4. Public Relations Specialist

In fast-growing cities like Austin or L.A., there is always a need for PR professionals. Millennials who want to leverage their social standing and networking skills and align it with a career path that interest them, have an opportunity to get into a field that will always experience demand and growth, and even change the face of the PR industry using a millennial-driven approach to reach other millennials. 

5. Startup Fundraising Managers

Successful startups are on the rise, and if you don’t feel like taking on the challenge of a startup yourself, consider becoming a fundraising manager. If your interests are math and numbers, this can be a great career choice. 

6. Physician's Assistant

Though this is not a creative or innovative career choice, millennials appreciate the stability and predictability of this job. With an expected 38% in growth by 2022, a median income of $90,930, studies show millennials make up 45% of the market currently, making it a highly desirable career path for our generation. 


7. User-X Specialist

If you’ve ever used an app or visited a website, you had a user experience. Some platforms and interfaces are exceptionally user-friendly, while others make you pull your hair out. Millennials place a high value on the usability of various platforms, and this feedback has led to a rise on the demand for this career. You will need to have an understanding of software combined with creativity and innovation, enabling you yo work for yourself as a consultant, for agencies or large corporations. 

8. Social Justice Lawyer or Advocate

If talk about career paths makes you feel weary and unmotivated, it is likely that you need a cause to be passionate about. Millennials care deeply about social justice, and taking on a passion project and turning it into a full time investment may be perfect for you. Many job openings are popping up in 2017 for social advocacy within large companies who want to get more involved, allowing young adults to do something fulfilling while earning a living.

9. Actuary

Actuaries are experts in accessing risk. They design creative ways to reduce the likelihood of undesirable events and decreasing the impact of those events. Insurance companies cannot live without actuaries, and with all the changes in the health care world in the U.S, this career is expected to grow by 26% in the next 5 years, with a median income of just under $100k. 

10. Social Media Marketing Specialist

When you think of all the companies who are just now getting on board with social media, there is immense potential. As advertisers lose interest in print ads and move to more organic, social sharing, there is huge opportunity to specialize in this field and manage the marketing aspect of a company when it comes to social media. Look for jobs in large websites, blogs and online magazines, or go directly to the client and work to place their product in the right platforms. 

11. Statistician and Data Scientists

Examining data in relation to statistics is a finely-tuned skill and natural inclination not many possess. For that reason, companies seek out qualified candidates to do the work, and this career is expected to grow by 27% by 2022, with millennials currently occupying 44% of the industry.

12. Social Media Consultant

Similar to a marketing specialist, this has more to do with branding.  A social media consultant is an expert at looking at an Instagram or Facebook account, and seeing what went wrong, and what changes need to be made. There is no degree for this just yet, so personal experience and personal success is your resume, but you can use the stats from Social Media Hat to leverage the importance of this.

Social Media Active Users 

13. Branding Specialist

A branding specialist combines skills in Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, and Digital Design. A company may hire you to come in with an unbiased perspective, and rebrand their concept to appeal to more millennials. This is a lucrative and exclusive career for millennials since no one else can understand our generation better than ourselves. 

14. Advertising Account Executive and Sales

Selling ads in today’s digital world is very different than selling print ads, or the outdated banner model. Millennials hate nothing more than being sold to, so it is paramount that advertisers come off very organically. It is the job of a Account Executive to work with the client and liaison with the platform to find the best way to advertise. Companies that pair social media influencers with brands have mastered this skill, and make money from just making the connection between the two parties. Genius! 

15. App Designer 

It’s no surprise that many ideas for innovative apps come from millennials, and that’s because we are naturally creative thinkers who want to make the world function better and our daily lives easier. Turning this into a career enables millennials to create on the daily, also opening the door for entrepreneurial endeavors. Believe it or not you can major in Mobile App Development, or look into the skills learned from Software Development and Game Development.

16. Blogging

Blogging really skyrocketed in the earlier 2010’s, and now the market is a bit saturated, but it’s still possible to be a career blogger. The key in successful blogging lies in the 3 steps: 

Consistency - This means you can’t post once every 2 months. Be diligent with your content, and keep it coming. 

Quality Content - This means well written text and high quality photos. But it also means optimized content so that search engines find you and rank you and a narrow focus on the topics your blog is about. Don’t try to do it all. 

Monetization - Once you have the first two, it’s time to monetize. This is a chance to be creative, work ads into your content, and leverage your audience to move other products you charge for. 

Best Jobs for Millennials in 2017

17. Creative Consultant

Many large brands want to reach their customers in a personal way but don’t know how. Millennials are natural networkers, and there is a growing opportunity for content creators. Your job is to think up as many ideas as you can about Product X, and help to communicate it in a digestible way. Skills in marketing, writing, and social media will come in very handy as you apply for positions in this field, and don’t be afraid to approach a company and suggest that they need a little help. Show them what you can do, and you may have a new job on the spot. 

18. Video and Media Professionals

As our society becomes more and more visual, we are seeing a movement toward even more easily digestible content than Instagram - now we want video! One could say we are getting extra lazy, but trends show that if you are skilled in creating and editing sharp, entertaining videos, it adds value to any brand, creating a job opening that wasn’t there before. 

We hope this list, although not comprehensive, has helped you think of career paths in new and creative ways!

19. Software Developers and Programmers

With emerging technology, jobs in the programming industry are skyrocketing. The more specified your field and the more skilled you become, the more desirable you are to a company looking to fill a position. 

20. Medical Sales

Millennials crush it in medical sales by understanding the modern buyer. Why? Because they ARE the modern buyer. With technology at their fingertips, they can research the medical team, doctors and clinics before they even step foot in the door. Millennials are sold to left and right, all day long on social media, so they know exactly how not to be annoyingly pushy and how to create a genuine relationship with the buyer. This career offers room for advancement, flexibility (read: you're not stuck at a desk), and career recognition. Another bonus? Healthcare Sales people typically make more money than any other part of the organization with similar educational background. They also make more money than their peers in different industries.