The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

bad day

Society Letters is a group of women that are all about inspiration and empowerment, but let's be real, we're all typical women with lives that don't always involve a super woman cape. We're a group of women that struggle, and cry, and hurt, embarrass easily, and are just real.  

Some days you win the constant battle that is kids or your job or your family, and some days you lose. Let's go ahead and mark Columbus Day 2015 as a loss for this mama.  

After working a half day to provide food and electricity for my loving baby girl, I get home hoping for a hug and kiss from her, but no such luck. I walk in to a temper tantrum because she doesn't like what Grammy is making for lunch. Macaroni and cheese seems like a win to me, but she wouldn't budge. If that had been me at her age, "Grammy" would've made me sit there until my plate was clean. That's strike one baby girl.  

Next we try to tackle the Disney store to find the perfect costume for her to wear on Halloween. After several tantrums because she wanted a princess dress that was 5 sizes too big and an attempted theft of 4 Christmas ornaments, we left with a screaming child and a little shame. My daughter cried the entire way out of the store, through the mall, across the parking lot, and all the way home. My face was burning with embarrassment and I didn't even get the Chic Fil-A lunch I had been feigning for the entire day!! Strike two.  

When we got home, I thought this terrible day couldn't get worse right? Wrong! My toddler still didn't feel like cooperating after I had just bought the Cinderella dress of her dreams! The nerve. She wailed for a good 45 minutes before she finally fell asleep. I sighed, but regained my composure. I won. I am still the mommy here little one. I took one last look at my sweet angel before I turned to let her rest, and OH LAWD!! What have I done to deserve a roach in my house?!? This is definitely strike three! I'm done.  

After several attempts to kill the most disgusting creature on earth by throwing shoes and of course missing, I decided my best and quietest plan of action was stomping next to it to "scare" it out of the bedroom.  

I have what you would call an extreme "irrational" fear of roaches, and I immediately choose flight over fight. As I looked back at my baby who was so clearly in need of her nap, I had to make a decision. I can't run and hide in the car until daddy gets home like last time, I'm the adult right? It took all of my will power, but I smashed that roach with all of my 9 year old little boy upper body strength. All of the anxiety, embarrassment, and frustrations of the day came out, and my enemy was conquered.  

Now I did put a bowl over it for hubby to pick up, just in case it came back from the dead, but I did it. With my daughter still asleep and the roach defeated, I sat down, had a celebratory Dr Pepper, and enjoyed the hour of peace and quiet. Small win for me.  

I never knew how frustrating one day could be, but at the end of it all, all that matters is that we keep trying to do better. I will always strive to do better for my family and for myself. There will be days of temper tantrums and roaches, but I can do it and so can you. Keep your head up and enjoy the little victories of the day!