Decorating For Spring, For Under $100

Just recently, I saw that some of my spring bulbs beginning to peek their green heads out of the ground. I couldn’t have been more overjoyed at the sight! Spring is
coming! I do love the cold weather, but this year has been pretty harsh, so I am ready to welcome the warmer days of spring.

The start of the year prompted all of us to get organized, and as spring rolls around,
we begin to feel the itch...

The spring-cleaning itch that is! We pack away the last of winter, and cleanse our home to prep for warmer and longer days. Sometimes it’s nice to add a few new pieces of décor into our homes to welcome the season. I’ve found 8 great pieces all under $100 that would be perfect for your home this spring.

White Langdon Vase - Pottery Barn, $109