Society Letters Beauty: Skin Care Routine With Whitney Port

Whitney Port Beauty Origins Austin

We all want healthy, glowy, natural skin. After all, there is only so much that makeup can cover.

Healthy skin isn't achieved by simply changing up your beauty routine. Obtaining what is Whitney’s trademark glow, extends far past the reflection in your mirror and into all aspects of your life. We had the chance to sit down with Whitney Port at Origins in Austin, where she gave us some insight on how she keeps her skin flawless. 

SL: What is your winter skincare routine? 

WP: For me, the winter is filled with so many different things in the air and also it’s really dry, so the most important thing I like to do is moisturize.

I make sure that every morning when I wake up, I cleanse, I tone and I put tons of moisturizer on. At night, I put on moisturizer and do a lot of serum. There’s the Ginseng Moisturizer which is really, really moisturizing. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll feel like you just put it on.” 

SL: Is there a skincare rule you never break?

WP: I always wash my face before I go to sleep. No matter what state of mind I’m in -- no matter how tired, or however drunk -- I always make sure I wash my face. 

SL: What personal goals do you have this year? 

WP: Health is a staple in my life. It’s always a goal. I just want to maintain my healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy, working out regularly and drinking more water. 

Whitney Port Beauty

SL: What is your gym routine? 

WP: I try to do a mixture of spinning and cross-training so I get a little bit of cardio and a little bit of muscle strength. 

SL: How about dieting? 

WP: I try and eat everything in moderation. I don’t believe in strict diets. You need to enjoy yourself and you only live once. As soon as you can’t keep up a diet anymore, you just gorge and get frustrated.

I think it’s all about trying to maintain moderation and dig in when you really want to but not be so hard on yourself. 

SL: Do you wear any face makeup? 

WP: I wear a tinted moisturizer and that’s pretty much it. 

SL: If you could give women one piece of advice about appreciating their natural beauty, what would you say? 

WP:  When you take good care of your skin and you’re religious about it, your natural beauty is so much more beautiful and there’s not that much you have to do.

I think people are so concerned with covering things up and all this makeup, and I feel like what’s more important is really hydrating and nourishing your skin. That will be a better canvas for everything. 

Written by Maddy Hill - You can find me on my blog, Facebook, or on Instagram @missmadds_xo.