6 Reasons Why You Should do a Drug Called Caffeine

To think I didn’t always love thee, my dark and steamy Joe (insert overdramatic emoji with tears streaming down the face)!  

There was a time when coffee meant absolutely nothing to me.  That was, until I moved in with my husband.  On days we worked, at exactly 5:30 am, he’d wake up and brew 6 cups of coffee for the both of us.  We would sip on our Java, listen to the radio and engage in light convo during our commute to work. 

Over time, I built a dependence on caffeine.  Dependent?  As in addicted?  As in drug??  Ok, let’s chill for one sec, there’s more to caffeine than just the jitters (now, insert anger, denial and all stages of grief).  As it turns out: 

1.    It'll make you feel like an elephant.  Not just because elephants are awesome (and you are too), but elephants are known for their everlasting memory.  This is perfect for someone like me who is constantly losing car keys, socks, water bottles, etc.  And there's more!  Caffeine is a stimulant, which can improve your overall attention span and stimulate your brain function.  Your level of response when it comes to a task is much quicker after being well caffeinated, which is why I'm feeling like Superwoman today! 

2.    It'll allow you to have another drink.  Well, I'll be damned.  We don't know why or how (yet!), but those who drink coffee are less likely to have abnormal hepatic enzymes.  Coffee may be linked to the decrease in liver cirrhosis.  In other words, feel free to have another drink because Joe is going to hook you up tonight!  Remember that balance is important when consuming both alcohol and caffeine!  

3.  It'll cheer you up.  Because caffeine is a stimulant, it can potentially elevate your mood.  A lot of people wonder if I'm always this happy.  By the grace of the universe, this IS the secret.  It never fails me.  But, I promise, I'm not a junkie.  

4.  Coffee contains antioxidants.  Which are great for anti-inflammatory purposes and assist with chronic illnesses.  One of the more important antioxidants found in caffeine can help with cardiovascular disease.  Cardio?  Is that you?   

5.  It decreases constipation.  Please don't go any further.  Take this one as a given and leave a comment below if this happens to you.  I CANNOT be the only one out there.  Right?  (the voice said so).

6.  It's the original pre workout. There are many brands of energy drinks and diet aids, which seem to contain caffeine as one of their key ingredients.  Caffeine can improve your performance and even increase your metabolism.  Try working out without coffee once, then try it a second time after consuming 2-3 cups.  You'll see a notable difference which could help you burn more fat and decrease your appetite.  

Who needs food anyway?  The smell of my newly brewed cup is invigorating and will give me life for the next few hours while I get my work done.  While it may be too late for me, you still have time to save yourself.  Although if you decide to change your mind, you can totally by my side.