How To Take Special Care of Your Skin and Hair While Traveling

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Winter is here, and if you’re one of those people who simply adores to travel and explore new destinations, welcome to the club! Even though traveling is always exciting, it inevitably takes a toll on our bodies – our skin and hair in particular. If you know you're supposed to take special care of your skin while on the road but aren’t really sure how, here are four tips on how to do it. 

Stick to your regular beauty routine (no matter what)

You’ve probably already noticed that airplanes are not particularly friendly towards your skin, and the reason for that is more than simple – the lack of oxygen and moisture in the air can dry out your skin,  and therefore make it produce excess oil. Too much of your skin’s natural oils can potentially cause breakouts, which will you experience during your trip! This is exactly why you should stick to your trusted skincare routine. Make sure you keep your skin clean as much as you can (makeup wines and hand sanitizer can help), especially when taking overnight flights, and don’t forget to apply an extra dose of your regular creams and serums before boarding. Sheet masks are also extremely helpful, since these can lock in the moisture and help your skin get properly nourished. Don't worry about looking crazy on the plane - you will look amazing when you arrive! 

Slather on an extra rich moisturizer for ultimate hydration

When talking about hydration and traveling, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of your moisturizer. Non-comedogenic ones are particularly good for oily skin since these are oil-free, meaning they won’t clog your pores and cause potential skin issues. Bear in mind that the colder weather requires much thicker creams than it is the case during summer, when lightweight serums and gel-like formulas were more than enough. Only thick moisturizers can provide enough hydration and nourishment for your skin once the temperatures drop, so switch to these and you’ll see a huge difference in how soft your skin feels. Keep in mind dry, winter skin will react by becoming oily, so combat it with hydration. 

Nourish from the inside out

Everyone knows that a youthful and rejuvenated skin is many women’s top priority, but the truth is that a lot of them simply forget to pay attention to this aspect of their skincare while traveling. Apart from face creams with an SPF, you should also drink enough water on a daily basis because only a hydrated skin can look plump and healthy. Besides that, you can invest on Vitamin D and supplements like Premium Marine Collagen Powder, which largely contributes to younger-looking skin and stronger hair Apart from reducing your wrinkles and fine lines, collagen is also known for strengthening your hair, nails, and bones, while improving your immune system and boosting metabolism at the same time. Does it get better than that? We don’t think so!

Bring back the volume to your hair

Greasy and flat hair is another potential problem you may face while traveling, so be prepared to combat it with a range of products appropriate for your hair type. First of all, you should know that lifeless hair is often the result of soft water, which can be problematic if your hair isn’t used to it. Clarifying or volumizing shampoos and conditioners will help do the trick here, since these can successfully restore the volume of your hair and make it appear full of life. Besides these, you can use a volumizing mousse as well – just be sure to avoid roots for excess product buildup which will backfire. On the other hand, dry shampoo can be quite helpful, too – especially when you’re in a rush and don’t have enough time to wash your hair regularly. This product will absorb any excess oil and make your roots look clean and refreshed and perhaps help you skip a day here or there while traveling. 

Each of these four tips is essential if you want to take proper care of your skin and hair while traveling. Make is a habit to stick to all of them and you will feel a difference next time you jet set around the world.