How To Bring Spring into Your Home Using Floral Decor

Rather than the beginning of the year, spring is the best season to start fresh. Because your home also deserves a new start, it is the perfect season for redecorating. Spring carries with it the most amazing colors and the most enchanting decoration of all – flowers. Many people do not want to incorporate floral décor in their homes because they consider it too “girly” or they are simply afraid of taking it too far. However, there are many subtle and appealing ways to decorate your home with spring flowers and make a true natural paradise out of it. 

Let Us Talk About Colors

Before we move on to the spring’s most favorite décor, let us discuss the colors that goes the best with this year’s season. As we all know, green has always been the color we associate with spring, because it symbolizes new life and birth of nature. You can incorporate it by painting the walls green or through accessories. Plant life is another way to breath in a breath of spring into your home.

Still, there are two other colors which are a total must have, and those are Pantone’s chosen twin colors of the year Rose Quartz (warm pink) and Serenity (tranquil blue). You can choose only one and incorporate the other through details and accessories, but you can also paint two vis-à-vis walls in Rose Quartz and two in Serenity.

Papers on the Wall

Really, wallpapers are the coolest way to incorporate some design into your home. Not only they look amazing, but they are also affordable and easy to use. Floral wallpapers can really prepare your home for the upcoming sunny days. Just be careful not to fall into the trap of choosing stuffy old fashioned wallpapers and use them for all the room’s walls. It is better to use modern-designed floral wallpapers on a single wall to create a focal point, and then décor the remaining walls subtly, to avoid shock to the senses. Note, that old fashioned floral wallpapers could actually look acceptable if the rest of the décor is vintage style.

Flowers… Flowers Everywhere…

Too much floral design can be overwhelming, but if you have given up on the wallpapers, you can include flowers in your décor in other ways. For instance, to achieve a warm and welcoming feeling in the living room, you can use a neutral colored floor rug with floral details. Incorporate the spirit of spring with floral curtains, bed covers, tablecloths, cushions, etc. 

When using such pieces, make sure that the rest of the look is toned down. If both the walls and the rug are floral, it can be exhausting for the eyes. All of the details should be eye-pleasing and whispering, instead of screaming, that “spring is here”. Accessories, such as floral vases, wall clocks, picture frames, etc. can also create a spring symphony in your home.

A Piece of Art

Spring is the greatest artist among the seasons. So complement it by decorating your walls with spring inspired artworks. It is a subtle, yet captivating way, to embellish your house with flowers, sun and trees. You can use paintings of flowers, meadows, forests, etc. Another artistic way to show your love for the liveliest season is by hanging photos of spring motifs. To make it even more interesting, shoot the photos yourself. Another positive side of this decoration is that you can replace it with each new season.

Green the Space Up

Incorporating plant life in your home is not only is it a major 2016 interior décor trend, but it is also a great way to relieve stress and feel more relaxed in your living space. So place a few potted plants near natural sources of light (windows) and watch them grow. Also, whenever you can, buy a bouquet of fresh flowers (roses, daffodils, lilies, etc.) and place it in a vase in your living room or bedroom. It has also become popular to bring in nature in your bathroom too, so do not hesitate of placing a vase there.

Use these simple tips to prepare your home to the loveliest season of them all. Enjoy the spirit of spring throughout the entire days, weeks and perhaps even the year, because no matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.

Chloe Taylor - Guest writer for Society Letters