How Embracing Your Unique Style Can Empower Your Life

I have an obsession for vintage and rustic décor, a love my mother and grandmother have passed down to me. My grandmother, who has been handling antiques for years, works at a local antique store and runs estate sales as well. My mom bids on storage units and cleans out estate sales, selling her finds at a booth at a local flea market. I used to cringe each time they asked me to go to yard sales, but now I look forward to jumping in the car, mapping out our route and thrifting the day away. We score all kinds of antique goodies, and mixing these vintage pieces with modern décor is what makes my heart happy. That's how I know it's my personal style.

My style is always changing in small ways, though, from my home décor to my clothes and hair. Isn't that the beauty of having our own style? We are able to change small things about our lives at any given time, whenever we want to. There is no other person in this world with the same exact style as you, and that is something to brag about!

Last year, I discovered a community of fellow home décor enthusiasts on Instagram. To connect with women with a similar love for decorating has been inspiring, to say the least. I love scrolling through my feed to gaze upon photo after photo of gorgeous homes, and like to use the inspiration I find from them when designing my own Instagram posts. While this inspiration can be a good thing, I do often wonder if my house will ever look like that. I wonder if it will ever live somewhere the size of their house. Afford some of the décor they post about. Be just as inspiring to my followers as they are to me.

I get lost wondering, and have leave a trail of breadcrumbs to follow back to reality. Then, it hits me. Having your own style is what having your own style is all about.

Having your own style is about embracing our own personal preferences without abandon and loving every second of it. When you know your style you know who you are. You learn to do what you can with what you have and have the opportunity to get creative in a way that allows you to express yourself. Discovering your personal style makes you powerful because you become acquainted with what you like and what you don't like, what you want and what you don’t want. When you curate a personal style you develop an intimate relationship with what you feel expresses yourself on a core level and nobody can take that identity away from you on a whim. Just because someone wears army pants and flip flops doesn’t mean you have to wear army pants and flip flops (if you caught that Mean Girls reference, we could be best friends). The bane of our existence as women is that we live in a world that gives the impression we should all have the same style.

I’ll never own half as many Nikes as Khloé Kardashian. I’ll never live in a Beverly Hills mansion. And I am totally okay with that. I don’t have an affinity for fancy things, nor do I desire an expensive lifestyle. My style is exactly that, MY style. It’s not theirs -- it’s mine. We may look to others for inspiration when it comes to our clothing, our hair and our home decor, but if we started to live our lives with the exact same style as someone else, who would we be? We wouldn’t be ourselves, we would be a knockoff version of who they are probably pretending to be. It is okay to switch your style and mix styles, not committing to just one thing. It is totally okay not to know your style as well -- patience and exploration are the two key components to figuring out what style fits you. My best advice? Just make sure you are staying true to yourself and wearing, decorating and celebrating what you love.

Sometimes I’ll post a picture and wonder if anyone is even going to like it, but remember that God gave us all our own style for a reason. There will always be at least one person who won't find it appealing or inspiring, but I choose to post anyways because there is no wrong way to have your own style. When you begin to worry about what other people think, it can hold you back from showcasing what you really find beautiful in this life.

Take time to find your style, ladies! and when you do, embrace the hell out of it. Don't let Architectural Digest or Home Goods shelves tell you what to buy, let your heart point you in the right direction and go for it. Listening to your heart when it comes to your style will make it easier to stay true to your style identity for years to come!

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