House Tour - Tamara Beltran's Pink and Gold Haven

When we came across this darling home, our first instinct was to move right in. After chatting with the owner Tamara, we fell in love with her decorating style and incredible ability to put together the wall gallery of all wall galleries. We love her use of space, and the way she uses color and proportion to show that you don't need thousands in square footage to enjoy all the things you love and to make your space a home for your loved ones (and pets). In her four years in this darling bungalow, Tamara has exercised her creativity and her uniqueness, keeping away from trends and staying true to her instincts, which point to anything pink and gold!


Name: Tamara Lee Beltran

Location: Monterey, Ca. 

Size:  1,000sf

Years lived here: 4 Years

Type of Build: Single home

Who lives here: We have 3 generations of girls here, my mom (while her cottage is being built) myself and 3 daughters, my husband, our fish Phoebe and dog Boss, aka my #hairymanchild


My style: eclectic, girly with a modern twist

Inspiration: Anything unordinary, pink or gold inspires me

Favorite items: totally Frenchie, my pink sofa 

Favorite stores to shop: Urban outfitters, hm home, target, homegoods and pottery barn always has my heart 

Biggest challenge: Making a comfy zone for my girls. I always want them to feel at home 

What friends say when they first walk in: "Can you come design my place."

Proudest Design Project: This one is hard, I'm always proud of each project I complete, I have a connection with them all.. but I will have to say a it would be nursery I did for an amazing couple in San Francisco, Ca. They were pure and true with a heart everyone wants to have. Their story you saw though their travels and heard in the love of music they shared. Sheer drapes a teepee, feathers & furs mixed with dark rich wood and the city skyline out the window. 

Favorite room to enjoy and why: My family room. Both the sofas are futons so we basically unfold 2 beds in there. We lounge, laugh watch tv and snuggling.. my favorite.. It also features my gallery wall that wraps around the corner. It holds awesome & inspiring quotes see and of courses pictures of my family mixed in.

Biggest indulgence: I indulge my desire to go with my gut and follow my instinct and find where my design takes me. I never say no to an idea and I always try something at least once. 

Best decorating advice: Don't over think it & stay away from trends! Be you! I always say.. you do you. You want to come home to a zone that's all you. Somewhere you feel comfortable, relaxed and free. Express yourself though design. I want to come into a space and feel I know the person before even meeting them. 


Thanks for going on this tour with us, and be sure to catch up with Tamara on her social channels and Etsy shop!

Tamara Lee Beltran - Instagram | Etsy

All photos by D.F. Photography, California | Instagram