Honeymoon Essentials No Bride Should Go Without

Your wedding is likely one of the most exciting moments of your life, and your honeymoon is just an extension of that fabulous day. Even better, its just for you and your new hubby! Whether you are a simple, minimalist bride, you will still want to splurge on a few items for yourself that will help you keep those sacred memories lasting a lifetime. We have compiled the must-haves

A Sweet Perfume

You want to wear a scent that you’ve never worn before. Why? Scents bring back memories and remind you of past things. Choose a special perfume to wear, like Chanel CoCo Mademoiselle, on your wedding day and honeymoon. Smelling it later on in life will always remind you of those days as a newlywed.

Romantic Robe & Simple Lingerie

Your honeymoon is your time to relax and soak each other in. To get the perfect ‘new wife’ look bring along an elegant robe, matching lingerie and sleepwear to impress your new hubby. Our personal favorite bridal collection comes from LoveOphelia, and this Gatsby Robe is one of my favorite pieces.

Camera & GoPro

If your honeymoon is exotic, be sure to capture what you can with both photo and video. We went swimming in the hot springs of an old volcano in Santorini, Greece in the Aegean Sea and have it all on video -- talk about something you want on film forever! Invest in an entry level Go Pro and you will not regret it. 

Teeny Tiny Bikini

If you’re going somewhere by the water, bring several swimsuits. Make sure to take along at least one sexy, bridal bikini so your new hubby can flaunt his wife. We can't get enough of this Maui Girl bikini!

Monogrammed Tote

It's so much easier to carry around all your needs in a tote rather than a handbag. And let's face it, what better opportunity to show off your new initials than a monogrammed bag? The Brooklyn Tote from Mark an Graham is a no-brainer.

Stylish Walking Shoes

Even if your honeymoon consists of nothing  but laying on a beach with a cocktail in hand, chances are you will be doing a considerable amount of walking and exploring. Opt for glamorous walking shoes because you are still the bride after all! We love this champagne glittery pair by Keds. 

Cute Luggage

Duh! If there is ever a time for you to travel in style, it should be your honeymoon. You envision yourself looking cute AT. ALL. TIMES, so that means your airport style should be #onfleek. We are in love with the DVF luggage line and the BHLDN packing accessories. Which btw, you should get monogrammed.