18 Reasons To Fall In Love With Patterned Tile

Let's talk about this patterned tile trend for a moment, shall we? I refer to it as a trend simply because within the past couple of years, it's come back into modern style; however, mosaic and patterned tiles have been around for centuries.  

The use of cement tiles began in 1850. Yep, 1850! To this day, tile makers use metal molds to hand pour each tile, which is then pressed and pigmented. As you can imagine, no two tiles are identical. With this kind of uniqueness, it's no surprise that the patterned tiles have stuck around for hundreds of years. 

Even though tile can be incredibly expensive, I think adding an accent wall or patterned back splash is a great way to implement this trend into your design. If you have your heart set on using cement tile as flooring, opt for a quiet pattern (or terracotta tiles) which will be more timeless than something that is say - black and white. 

Pulling the trigger on adding something like this into the home is a little scary, but here are 18 images that prove it doesn't have to be!

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