Confessions of a Nine to Fiver

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Every weekday morning at 5 am my alarm clock goes off, and every morning I know that I get to hit snooze twice before I get up for work. I wake up at 5:18 and reluctantly turn on my lamp while I hide my eyes from the blinding light and I count. "You did it. Only 3 more sleeps until it's the weekend again." 

This is especially hard on Mondays. I drag myself out of the warm sanctuary that is my bed and after picking out the right outfit, shoes, hair, and make up to match, I drive an hour to my office. Why does it seem like the weekend just flies by but getting from 8am to 5pm on a Monday is like time standing still for 3 days? Everything seems to be ok at home, and with my family and friends. So why is it that going to the dentist, dinner with my in laws, and the gynecologist all in one day sounds more appealing than the 8 hours I sit at my desk? 

Maybe it's my surroundings? Let's take a look around. 

First, we have "The Pessimist." 
Always the Debbie Downer or the Buzz Killington. The "omg I hate work and everything sucks here" person. News flash! No one wants to be at work on a Monday at 8 am but unless you win the lottery, you still have to be here! Just in case you haven't had the guts to check your bank account after the weekend, let me break it down for're poor, and that shopping addiction ain't gonna pay for itself honey. You have to be at work, you are blessed that you have a job. Quit being the iceberg to other people's titanic. Also, if I try to tell you something that's going on in my life, that does not mean we are now in a competition to see who's got it worse and deserves the sympathy for the day. I'm too blessed to be stressed, so you win. 

Next up is a visit from "The Neurotic." 
Girl. The sky is not falling. It's 7:55 on a Monday morning. Nothing has happened to you yet! I'm here early, so ease up out of my cubicle and give me a minute to breath before you decide to tell me that the ENTIRE company is about to shut down if this one memo isn't sent out immediately. Have some coffee, and I'll see you at 8. 

Then there's my personal favorite, "The Hypochondriac." 
Lawd help us. This is the person that is always on their death bed, and no matter what you try to offer to them, it won't help. Did it ever occur to you to try to put down the Doritos and maybe not stay up all night? Eat healthier and get some rest, you might feel better. What a novel idea. Also, you don't get the flu every other month. You just don't. The Dr that you're seeing is on to your game as well. No they aren't going to give you antibiotics every time you think your body is "trying" to come down with something. The Dr went to medical school, I'm sure he knows more than you and I about what medications we need. Most of this is in your head and wouldn't affect you if you had a better attitude. 

As I sit back in my chair and look at some of the people that surround me, it all becomes clear. No wonder time has stood still for like 9 days now and I'm in a super grumpy mood but it's only 10 am. I'm not saying that it's not ok to have a bad day, but I do think we are the product of who we surround ourselves with. 

If you're constantly dragged down by negative and draining people, you in turn will start to feel the same. How exhausting. Attitudes are infectious! The happy, funny people are the ones everyone flocks to so be one of them! Not every situation in life is all pink peonies and fluffy puppies, but they are what you make them. You can't control what others do, but condition yourself to not get stuck in Negative Nancy mode

Listen to music if you're able to, get away from your desk for lunch, or if God puts it on your heart, pray for these people. We never know what demons they are struggling with. Then pray for yourself.

Don't do or say anything to get yourself fired or worse. We all know your fine ass will not survive in prison. Be the light in someone else's grey world. Show them that Mondays can be a clean slate, and a new adventure. 

Melissa Howard- Guest blogger

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