Summer Livin' - Skinny Mojito Recipe

 best skinny mojito summer recipe

Usually I’m here to share a life story or a lesson learned, but today, I am coming at y’all with some happy hour inspiration!  Greg and I inherited his grandmother’s house, and along one of the exterior walls in the backyard, there is a giant mint patch. Did you know that mint is actually an invasive species? I end up pulling it from all over our garden, but there is one reason that I don’t pull up the whole patch altogether, and that my friends, is the mojito.  

 best skinny mojito summer recipe

To me, a mojito is the epitome of summer. It’s light and refreshing, and goes down like water. I love making this recipe when we have friends coming over, because it’s easy and serves a lot, plus using fresh mint to garnish makes it look super fancy.  

Since we are all following our slim down plan to the T, and aren’t consuming a single gram of sugar, you can use stevia to place the sugar, just make sure to adjust the proportions. In the case that you’re making this for a friend, and want to use real sugar, wink wink, make sure you use very hot water so that it completely dissolves before you add any of the other ingredients. This is my trick to making a super easy simple syrup!  

 best skinny mojito summer recipe

Skinny Mint Mojito  

Serves 6-8

Juice from 4 Limes  
Large handful of mint  
2, 12 oz. cans of sparkling coconut flavored water (or use club soda if you can’t find this!) 
⅓ cup pure granulated sugar (or sugar substitute equivalently proportioned) 
⅓ cup very hot water  
⅔ cup light rum
⅓ cup Malibu flavored rum

Step 1: In a large pitcher, stir together sugar and water until dissolved. Once combined, add mint leaves, and muddle thoroughly.  

Step 2: Add in lime juice, rum, and a healthy amount of ice. Stir until combined, and serve!  

Note: I like to make this in a large mason jar so that I can easily shake the ingredients together with a lid on!