Advice From Instagrammers: Decor On A Budget

Design by  Studio Mcgee

Design by Studio Mcgee

"Declutter, declutter, declutter. Cozying up for winter does not mean cluttering up your home. Keeping things simple and to a minimal is an art. Focus on the people living in the home, not on the material things. A decluttered home = a clearer mind. Less is more indeed! LESS stuff is MORE time with family and friends."

By @house_of_aubry

"I prefer to only have a home with what I really love vs. what I “need.” I like to let it happen organically and naturally vs. instant gratification. Don’t force your home to come together. It takes time. You’ll know when it’s where it needs to be when it “feels right” when walking throughout your home. Only purchase things you know you’ll love and use for years to come. Never have anything in your home that doesn’t speak to you. Excess waste gives anxiety and no home should make you feel anxious. Love what you’ve created and most of all..... enJOY the process. Forcing means going into debt because people spend to think they are getting it right. That’s why it’s best to just let it happen."

By @giosmama2626

"Nothing zaps the life out of a room like a dusty candle that has never been lit. When I see a white wick it drives me crazy! A melted candle signifies that someone really takes the time to relax and enjoy their space. Here's my tip: burn all candles at least once and dust them off every now and then."

By @oscarbravohome

"It’s easy to want to follow trends. One thing I’ve learned over the past 3 years as a home decor instagrammer is that it will take time, but you WILL find your style. Go with what you like, not what’s 'in'."

By @balkanina

Karen Elson‘s Nashville Home for  Architectural Digest

Karen Elson‘s Nashville Home for Architectural Digest

"Keep things simple. It's tempting to layer decor items because there are so many beautiful options out there, but a carefully selected collection of treasured items is much more welcoming, and tells a more personal story about you and your family."

By @boxwoodavenue

"Leopard print is a neutral and goes with everything". 

By @oscarbravohome

"One thing that has worked for me (because I switch things up so much) is selling the item you want to replace so you have money to put towards the new item! Also making lists of the items you want or need to update your space helps as well. This saves you from going on a crazy shopping spree!" 

By @brogsathome

Mindy Kaling's LA home for  Architectural Digest

Mindy Kaling's LA home for Architectural Digest

"Splurge on the things you really really love like one-of-a-kind statement pieces, and cut back on things you know you don't need. Also knowing you're inevitably going to go over budget helps ease the pain."

By little_leonidas_

"Curtains seem to be the hardest thing for people to decide on. A fool-proof method for choosing curtains is to find some in a shade similar  to your wall color. Never buy Standard 86” long window panels. Always 95” or higher. Curtains should be hung higher and extend  wider than the actual window."

By @oscarbravohome

Shay Mitchell’s Spanish-Style Los Angeles Home for  Architectural Digest

Shay Mitchell’s Spanish-Style Los Angeles Home for Architectural Digest

"Purchase large pieces. Then even if you splurge they make a big statement and you need fewer additional pieces. Like one huge gorgeous cabinet means you practically fill a whole wall. And same with art. Even using large mats and frames and framing inexpensive prints. For a gallery wall, I like using a wide variety and super affordable things like post cards even!"

By @millamamami

Design by  Studio Mcgee

Design by Studio Mcgee

"Buy all of your kitchenware, bed, and bath linens in white. For the holidays and seasons you will want to get fun prints and colors, but for your everyday items keep it clean and simple. You can bleach linens to be like new, easily replace broken plates with like items, and you'll never get tired of it."

By @deborahstachelski