9 Reasons to Visit Lake Tahoe North in 2018

Summer boating on Lake Tahoe North 

Summer boating on Lake Tahoe North 

The details are in and it's official: Lake Tahoe is THE destination of 2018. From sun to snow fun, this place has it all, and it's no surprise it's a popular destination drawing visitors from all over the world. The relatively small area is divided into two parts, known as Tahoe North and South. Everyone wants to feel at home even while on vacation, bring our pets along, and shop local. Regardless if you are from the West or East coast, Tahoe North is a place anyone would love. Here are 9 reasons we think you should visit the area.

Southern hospitality

Texans are known around the country for their Southern hospitality. Similarly, Tahoans are some of the friendliest locals we have encountered around the country. We got asked to have lunch with strangers, go on boats with their families, and invited back next season. Locals love to show off the lake from every angle, and talk about the unique history and geography of the area.

Lake culture at its best

From lake parties and barbecues, to lake houses rented for the entirety of the summer. Lucky summer residents who have the luxury of spending their summers away from the heat of their home state, or can’t wait to get out of rainy cities hurry back to the Lake Tahoe shores each and every year in search of their boats, old friends, and a good time. The sense of community and established friendships is always there waiting on the boat docks, ready to pour you a drink. 

The shores of  Thunderbird Lodge

The shores of Thunderbird Lodge

They love the outdoors

With so much to do year-round, from almost endless ski seasons (skiing on 4th of July, anyone?) to summer lake fun, these lucky Americans practically live outside. Living in a place of such beauty and natural resources, it is obvious that they have great respect for nature. You won’t find a single piece of trash on the ground, or a plastic bottle out of the recycle bin. 

The artsy personality

The Califonia-Reno State boundary line is a very unique place. It shares a bit of the culture from each state, which resulted in its very own personality. The North side of the lake has grown into its very own shade of blue, while the South side kept more of the casino culture Nevada is known for. The arts and music scene found a cozy home in this small area, and locals and visitors celebrate it by attending live shows on the beach, small cafes, and gallery events. 

Year-round skiing and snowshoeing in Squaw Valley.

Year-round skiing and snowshoeing in Squaw Valley.

Sharing is caring

Locals love to share the beauty of Lake Tahoe North for its blue skies and blue waters, but they want you to blend in and live like a local. When visiting you can choose one of the many luxury rental properties available from owners who only live there for part of the year, eat in local restaurants, and mostly, appreciate the beautiful natural resources around you. They love to share their beloved city, but not so much it becomes touristy and unrecognizable. 

That beachy feeling

Even though Tahoe North is not technically a beach or by the ocean, it might as well be as Lake Tahoe is almost 200 square miles.  The town carries a beachy vibe, with pedestrians in swimsuits and sandals, carrying a paddle board under one arm and a cooler in the other. Winters can get chilly, but it doesn't put a damper on the party. Living on the water is the preferred way for locals, but many people flock to the banks of Lake Tahoe for a break from real life. 

Pool at Ritz-Carlton Spa

Pool at Ritz-Carlton Spa

Their calendar is poppin'

During the summer Tahoe plays host to many festivals such as the Shakespeare Festival (July 2018), and yogi mecca, Wanderlust Yoga and Music Festival (Jul 19 - Jul 22 2018). Later in the summer you will have the Lake Tahoe Concours d'Elegance Wooden Boat Show, Paddle Festival, and the annual Squaw Mountain Run. In September they host the annual Lake Tahoe Autumn Food & Wine Festival, and from March 1st through the 11th enjoy 10 fun-filled days and nights of Mountain Mardi-Gras for SnowFest. Check out the Northern Lights Festival throughout the holidays in December, go for horse-drawn sleigh rides in Squaw Valley, sunset snowshoe tours with Tahoe Adventure Company, celebrate New Year's Dinner at West Shore Cafe, watch winter fireworks in February at Squaw Valley, and take mixology classes at the Ritz-Carlton. Check out the Go Tahoe North calendar for all the fun, as it's simply too much to list! 

Summer in Lake Tahoe North

Summer in Lake Tahoe North

They love their pets

Being from Austin, I can appreciate a place where all pets are not only welcome, but treated as part of the family. Tahoe North is obviously into their animals, as they they keep their businesses, rental homes, shops, and hotels dog-friendly. The community takes time to nurture a a caring mindset toward nature, ensuring that both locals and visitors are kind and careful when it comes to wildlife and animals. 

They love to stay local

Lake Tahoe values local artisans and local craftsmanship, and help to support and maintain small shops by giving them preference over large chains. You will have a hard time finding big chain restaurants here, but rest assured the food is locally-sourced, and chefs take great pride in infusing their menus with local influences, quality ingredients, and amazing flavor. Linger at Wolfdale's Cuisine Unique for upscale Californian fare with a side of Lake Tahoe views for dinner, and pop into Mountain High Sandwich Co. for healthy, organic sandwiches, wraps, and vegan options for a quick lunch before hitting the water.