8 Reasons You Should be Having More Sex

Sex is to a happy relationship, what a DSLR is to a blogger. Important and necessary. You have to admire couples who have the ability to disconnect from the daily perturbations of life when it's time for intimacy, forgetting the office when they walk in the door and letting pure physicality take over. Your sex life is just as important as things you consider to be of top priority (those bills won't pay themselves!) and it's time we start recognizing how powerful it is.

1.  It's the best way to exercise without leaving your home... Or your bed. If you're going at it for just 15 minutes 3 days a week, you will have totaled approximately 75 miles running miles at the end of the year. Imagine if you're making time for sex every day! It has also been found that women burn 7.1 calories per 15 minutes of sex, which means you're burning just over 100 calories per 30 minutes of sexy time.

2.  Sex is cheaper than pain killers. Endorphins released before and after an orgasm have pain-relieving properties, and are commonly referred to as nature's painkiller. If you suffer from chronic headaches, try having sex instead of popping some extra strength Tylenol.

3.  You may decrease your partner's likelihood of getting prostate cancer. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, men who who ejaculate at least 21 times per month are at a lower risk of getting prostate cancer. While the evidence doesn't suggest a huge breach in numbers, it's still encouraging to feel like you're helping your partner beyond the bedroom.

4.  It boosts your confidence. Feeling a little insecure about your body? Having sex with a supporting partner can help you accept your body. A healthy and active sex life will improve the way you view yourself by making you feel more comfortable and powerful in your own body. Nothing says "sexy" like some killer confidence.

5.  Sex makes you smarter...  Having intercourse is said to help regenerate the cells in your brain and even improve your memory in the long run. And we know how smart women are to begin with! According to a study conducted by the University of Amsterdam, people who engaged in sex regularly performed better on critical thinking tests as well.

6.  … And look younger! Replace Botox with the bedroom, and you've got yourself a brand new morning glow! Sex is exercise, and exercise helps increase the blood flow to your face. This means more oxygen and less toxins for your skin -- the result a brighter and clearer complexion.

7.  If you don’t use it, you lose it. Not having enough sex will bring down your libido, making it harder for you to get it on the next time around. On the contrary, the more you stimulate your body with sex, the more likely you’ll be to keep doing so!

8.  It will bring you closer to your partner.  After sex you'll likely find yourself cuddling upto your loved, one wondering why it is you don’t do this more often. The oxytocin released post-coitus can help create a stronger bond between the two of you, so don't skip out on all the pillow talk after!

The sparks that flew at the beginning of your relationship can be rediscovered when you add sex to a part of your weekly (or, eh, daily) routine. Evidence suggests that sex is great for both your body and your mind, so maybe it's time to get it on.

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