7 Times It's (Technically) Totally Okay to Lose Your Cool

1. When someone is driving any amount of miles per hour under the speed limit... in the left lane. Seriously, did they take drivers' ed? Do they enjoy ruining other people's days? My guess is no they did not take drivers' ed and yes they find pleasure in making me mad.

2. When you're hangryThis is actually a scientific thing (maybe not, but I consider it to be). It's when you're both hungry and angry at the same time and the angry part stems from being hungry. I know you've felt it. The struggle is real and it's totally acceptable to lose your cool.... as long as you forewarn everyone that the cause is your hangriness (now that word I totally just made up).

3. When you order a #3 and a diet coke at Taco Bell and you get your order and drive away only to find out they gave you a #3 with a missing taco and a REGULAR coke. Alright I know people make mistakes, but come on. How simple could reading my order from the screen and putting the CORRECT ITEMS INTO THE BAG? My day has totally been ruined and you deserve to know.

4. When you call customer service because all you need is some help getting your favorite TV show that you DVR'd to resume playing and you end up on the phone a) for 17 hours and/or b) with someone who knows what the English language is but has little to no idea how to speak it. Pretty sure this one is self-explanatory.....

5. When you are either on your period or pregnant. Hey, being a chick is hard. Not just in general, but ESPECIALLY when our hormones are literally ALL OVER THE PLACE and we have absolutely zero control over them. So men, give us a break next time we rip your head off for forgetting to tell us we're pretty or for telling us we look pretty when we know we don't (confused? good, you should be).

6. When your cell phone service is so unbelievably slow that you might as well just pull out an encyclopedia to find the answer to the question you wanted to ask Google. Now this is totally a legit reason to be irritated because those signals that fly into outerspace to gather information for you to have at your fingertips need to be on YOUR time, not theirs. Call me spoiled, but when I want something, I want it NOW. (please note that this is more so a jab at society rather than my personal egocentricism of being a spoiled brat....)

7. When you are on time (or early) for something and the other person is not just a little bit late, but a lot of bit late. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I wonder if people were never taught manners or time management as a child. If we set up a time to meet at noon, showing up casually late at 2pm is NOT okay... in fact, it's just plain rude. Cool: lost.

Have any cool-losing worthy moments to add to this list? Share in the comments below!