7 Signs That You Are Definitely A Libra

It’s finally here again, the time of the Libra! Or better yet if you are actually a Libra, your birthday! I’m a shameless promoter of my birthday (September 27th and I’ll say it again this year, I’ll take Starbucks gift cards please), and I’m also shamelessly addicted to looking up my horoscope, and talking about zodiacs. I’m not an expert, and I don’t necessarily believe that everything I read will come true (I mean, where were all those relationships it talked about?) but sometimes when I read them I’m like, “That’s me! That Happened!” Let’s see if that happens to you, Libra. 

You know you’re a Libra when you’re 

1) Indecisive - So, I decided to start with one of our least favorable qualities, indecisiveness. “Where do you want to go to dinner?” “Hm… I don’t know I could really eat pizza right now, but sushi sounds amazing. Also, I haven’t had guacamole in like 3 hours… so maybe we should get Mexican. I don’t know they all sound good!” If this is you, then we’re pretty much the same person.

Libras are known to be a bit indecisive, but that’s because we’re the sign of the “scales”. We’re constantly weighing the pros and cons of every decision, and because of this we can have a hard time deciding which way to go. Or where to eat.

2)  Creative – Libras express themselves through creativity, and visuals. Libras are ruled by the Planet of Venus so we rely on beauty, and art. Whether it’s through writing, painting, interior design, styling, or whatever, our lives need a bit of creative juice to keep us going. This is one of the reasons why Libras are often best suited for more creative careers. 

3) Diplomatic and Able to See Both Sides - As mentioned, we’re the scales. We’re able to see both sides of the story, and we’re often the mediator of arguments or conflicts. This can get us into trouble for two reasons; one, because we may seem like we’re contradicting ourselves, and two, simply because people want you to side with them rather than sit on the fence. You probably frequently find yourself saying, “Yeah, but think about what they are thinking right now…”  or “I understand where they’re coming from though”. These skills also help Libras to do well in legal, or political careers. 

4) Charming – I like to call myself, “charmingly awkward”, maybe you’re not awkward, but you sure are charming! You can easily captivate people with your ease, and grace! You are social by nature, and you are able to easily converse. 

5) In Need of Balance — Go a few days doing too much of one thing, or not enough and end up feeling like your whole life is turned upside down? Living a life of just one thing, or absolute extremes, is very difficult for a Libra. Libras need a lifestyle with a balance of all things that bring us harmony. Just like how a scale finds balance, when we go too far one way, we have to swing far back the other until we can find that happy medium. 

6) Semi-Materialistic - It’s not necessarily about the brand names, but when you see something you love, whether it’s clothes, furniture, etc. you feel so excited by it, and are willing to spend a bit more. You love the little details, but are not one to be overly flashy. You’re visual so you’re enticed by all things beautiful. 

7)  “The most colorful zodiac sign” – My old manager really sparked my interest with zodiacs, and she once described Libras as “the most colorful zodiac”. I LOVED THIS! We are not boring creatures. Go paint the world every color, Libra! 

Whether you’re someone who’s a skeptic of zodiacs, or you’re someone who checks your horoscope every day, it’s fun to see if our personalities match our signs! Libras, what do you think? Is this you?