7 Best Fall Nail Colors Trending Now

Fall. What a dreamy season! I'll admit, I'm probably all hopped up on my pumpkin spice latte, and speaking from my spite against the hellish weather that was summer, but " I'm so excited, I'm so, I'm so ". Jessie Spano anyone?  

Let's be real, the reason we love fall so much is because of the wonderful cozy weather, and beautiful leaves. However, it's also.... Ok mainly because of the wardrobe, lipsticks and nail polish. I know I'm not alone!  

Here are a few of the best fall nail colors to try this season. While you cup your perfectly manicured hands around your coffee, of course.  

1. Creamy Whites  

creamy white nails

It really doesn't have to be fall to rock this. However, since this color has less pink, and more white, it definitely has the fall feels. Try OPI in Be There In A Prosecco. Even the name had me at hello.  

2. Deep Dark Blues  

dark blue nails

This is a fun and different take on the brighter shades of blue that were seen this spring and summer. If you need to tip toe into rockin' the blue, this shade is the one to give a go! Being a deep navy, you really only catch the blue in certain lighting. Try OPI in I saw, you saw..we saw..Warsaw.  

3. Army Greens

army green nails

While this color isn't new to the scene, it makes me think of sweater layers, and dark green leaves. Perfectly military.  Try Essie in Power Clutch.  

4. Candy Apple Reds

candy apple red nails

This color is SO not just for the holidays. It completely reflects the bright, crisp red those leaves turn before they sail down to earth. Like this " falliday "'s last goodbye. Try Estée Lauder in Pure Red.  

5. Chromes  

chrome nails

If you're feeling very adventurous, get chromed out. Whether gold, or silver, these shades are sure to delight. A beautiful way to fall into autumn. Try Sally Hansen in Game of Chromes.  

6. Shades of Grays and Taupes

taupe nails

It's always a good time for gray. It matches everything, and looks good whether a light, or dark shade. Not going to lie, this is one of go to color picks for my nails. Probably because my whole wardrobe consists of gray and black. Much like my mascara, soul and coffee. Just kidding. I need a lot of creamer. Try Essie in Chinchilly.  

7. Ox Blood Reds 

ox blood red nails

This color screams cooler weather. It looks great on every skin tone, with that vampy, deep wine color. Which is precisely what they were going for. Try Butter London in La Moss.

If you are looking to seal the deal, here are two top coats that will keep your nails in tip top shape.  

best nail top coats

Sally Hansen's Gel Top Coat will have your nails so shiny it will look like you just came from the salon. And keep them that way for a week or two if you pair it with Sally Hansen's gel polish. If you use it with a different brand's color, you will still get a good 6-7 days worth.  

Essie's Matte About You, is a fun and different take if you're feeling extra sassy. Both are wonderful and I HIGHLY recommend adding them to your collection.  

At least there are SO many options, whatever colors you decide this fall season. The nice thing about nail polish is, there's no wrong choice!