Get More by Giving - 22 Ways You Can Give Back This Season

Christmas is the time of year that really gets me in the mindset of giving. Maybe it's because of all the gift buying and holiday shopping, or the plate passing by an extra time for the holiday offering at your church. One thing is for sure: Giving is part of our household, and something that is routine for our family. 

Most of us have been blessed with great jobs, a nice place to live, and decent salaries. Because God has blessed us with all of these things, we are asked in return, to bless others. We look at it this way - He has entrusted us with His money and trusts us to manage it wisely. Giving is something that we do to “give back” for all that we are so abundantly given! 

The traditional way that we personally give is through tithing. We give an offering to our church every month, and to make it easier on ourselves, we make our tithe a “monthly bill” so that we never have to worry about where the money is coming from, and so we don't forget.

But another way that we love to give back is by sponsorship. We sponsor two children through the organization World Vision. We sponsor a young boy named Edwing (5) and a lovely girl named Guiliana (7). Since we have become sponsors, we have maintained steady communication with our children and their families, and look forward to every mail correspondence that we receive from them. We are happy to give financially to these families so that they can have better lives, through better education and resources. These children have made us into better people through giving.  
For those of you who find it hard to give due to financial restraints, there are many other ways you can give back. Here are some ways you can give back this holiday season:

  1. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen.
  2. Pack up Christmas gifts for children in need during the holidays.
  3. Help a neighbor clean snow off their steps and driveway.
  4. Adopt a family for the holidays through a local Salvation Army branch.
  5. Hold a package-making party for soldiers abroad.
  6. Provide a warm meal to a needy person.
  7. Support needy animals through organizations such as Rock & Rawhide
  8. Host a holiday brunch for widows and children who have lost their parents in the military.
  9. Pay for your coffee order the one behind you.
  10. Leave a significant tip for a waiter or waitress.
  11. Donate old toys it to a local church or mission.
  12. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  13. Purchase as many gloves as you can, and donate to a children’s shelter.
  14. Sing carols and serve cookies at an assisted-living facility for the elderly.
  15. Help needy animals - collect food, bedding, toys, and treats for your local shelter.
  16. Adopt a pet instead of buying a puppy.
  17. Donate an old bike through Wheels of Change
  18. Shop for gifts through organizations that give back, such as Mitscoots, TOMS, and SandCloud.
  19. Look for good volunteering opportunities through Volunteer Match.
  20. Clean out your closet and donate your old clothes.
  21. Donate a dollar to whatever cause they are supporting when you check out at the grocery store.
  22. I truly believe that if you give to others, you will receive it back in one way or another. The more you give, however that might look to you, the more you will receive at some point or another. 

I encourage you to give, not only this holiday season but in your daily lives. I believe there is a true reward for givers and people who are willing to love and serve others. 
I hope you and your family are blessed this holiday season!