The Good Old Days: The Beauty and Charm of Timber Frame Homes



There is something about timber frame homes that hark back to the good old days, when life was uncomplicated and gathering at home was the highlight of the day. Timber framing is a technique that has been around for centuries makes the most of the sturdy and durable features of timber wood. It works on the principle of creating a robust framework on the inside to have an even stronger structure on the outside, hence why this is a building technique chosen for areas with harsh weather. It forms a skeleton of sorts for the house so that exposure to external elements won't cause the house to break down too quickly, giving its dwellers the feeling of being cocooned in safety.

Why choose timber framing over traditional build? Timber framing adds more structural integrity and turns a regular home into a more durable one, so its worthwhile considering for your getaway home (can anyone say winter cabin?).

Here are some advantages of having a timber frame home.

1. Flexibility

The frame acts like the perfect mold around which a good quality home can be constructed. Timber frames are flexible and can be designed as per the blueprint of the house, and they can be bent and changed according to the homeowner's preference. Although rigid and robust in nature, timber frames can always be tweaked and played around with, in terms of the framework. Also, how your timber frame looks on the inside makes no difference to what type of material or structure you want to have on the outside.


source: Roger Wade Photography

2. Safety

Timber frame homes are fully compliant with fire safety, and other safety modules that are a must while building a home. These structures are made to be entirely safe and do not pose any threat to the strength or reliability of a home in such a situation.

source: Roger Wade Photography

3. Eco-friendly

Yes, timber framing requires wood, which has to be taken from trees, but each and every timber framing company follows a strict protocol when it comes to this. There are managed forests in different parts of the world which are the only source of softwood timber for companies to make these frames. What's more, none of the techniques used to prep or build the structure release any harmful substances into the atmosphere, and timber wood is a biodegradable material that doesn't harm the environment.

Martha’s Vineyard custom timber home


4. Quick construction

Building a timber frame doesn't take more than two to four days, based on the shape and size of the frame. This holds true for all types of houses, and these frames are quick, simple and easy to erect. Which means that you won't have to wait weeks on end for the base structure of your home to be ready.


5. Insulation

Timber wood is known to be one of the best natural materials for insulation. In colder places where installing a heating system is a must, this technique will reduce energy consumption and also keep the inside of the home much warmer and cozy for those nights around the fire sipping cocoa. It also helps with better retention of temperatures, so when it's hot and humid outside your inside will stay cool longer.


source: Roger Wade Photography

6. Soundproofing

Wood is also an excellent material for soundproofing, as its texture and density helps absorb sound and vibration. Although soundproofing might not be an essential factor for every type of homeowner, having that additional feature is undoubtedly a plus with large families.


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7. Maintenance

Maintaining timber frame houses is a straightforward affair because the overall durability and longevity of the house increases by a considerable amount. As we said earlier, it gives that additional and much-needed layer of protection from the inside, so that no matter what the weather or external conditions are, the house is able to sustain itself, resist damage, and stay put for decades.

When you look at all the advantages that timber framing can provide while building a home, you can't help but want to include it into your construction plan. With the right plan and guidance, your home can be quickly built, look custom on the outside, and feel entirely protected throughout the decades.