Leesa Mattress Review: Upgrade Your Bed - and Your Life!

Video production by David Müzel, Müzel Media

We all dream of getting a full eight (or 10) hours os blissful z’s without interruption. Even if you are kid-less, dog-less, or job-less, that can be a hard thing to achieve. Especially as we get older, aches and pains and stress tend to disturb our sleep, not to mention our mattress. Did you know on average, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping? That should make us all reconsider what kind of mattress we are laying on each night.


I had been struggling with getting quality sleep due to some lower back pain lately, and it really made me grumpy and irritable throughout the day. My husband Dave also struggles to get enough sleep, due to old football injuries in his shoulders and a high stress job - so we were ready to do something about it. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew it was only about to get worse. We did a ton of research on the many mattresses on the market, and decided that Leesa was the one we wanted to try. The reviews were great and it was risk-free with the 100 night trial.


Coming from a memory foam mattress, we were nervous about what a new mattress would feel like. As soon as we unrolled it out of the box, our fears disappeared - plus, how fun is it to pull out a full size mattress out of a tiny box?

There was no smell once we opened the box and rolled out the mattress, so we didn’t have to air it out or let it breathe at all - it was ready to go! Setup was super easy and we could feel the quality of the materials just by how heavy the box was, and then how thick and luxurious the cooling cover was by just running our hands over it. Once we cut the sealing plastic, it filled up with air within seconds and was ready for bedding - so much easier than having to deal with a whole truck delivery and unpacking.


We went with the foam mattress, which are made up of 3 layers: The very top is a comfort layer, a 2" cushiony foam that sleeps cool, a middle recovery layer made of up of 2" memory foam to relieve pressure and contour your body, and the deepest layer, a supportive 6” dense core foam to support your body weight. The result is a floaty, cloudy feel, where you feel hugged just enough while feeling supported and not like you are sinking into the mattress. For me this was important being in the late stages of pregnancy and turning sides and getting out of bed is getting more difficult (and less graceful). It feels soft when you sit on it, but firmer once you lay your entire body across it, which shows how the support and pressure relief technology works.

So lets talk about choosing a mattress. There are a few things I found important when choosing a new bed, and you are likely the same.

First, there is your sleeping position of choice. Think about the position you primarily sleep in, and make your decision based on what type of materials would be best suited to support it. What I love about the Leesa is that for this stage of my life, I am a strict side sleeper. But It is still supportive enough to sleep on my back or stomach post baby - win win! If you are a strict stomach sleeper, a hybrid mattress like the Sapira (which blends the comfort and recovery layers with an active pocket spring support layer) may work well for you and you will give you a bouncier feeling.

Another thing to consider when choosing a bed is their construction. This is easy when you already know what materials you like, be it pressure-relieving memory foam, cooling materials if you tend to sleep very hot, bouncy innerspring, or some hybrid combination. Of course products made in the U.S. were important to us, as well as a mattress that was not chemically treated and met CertiPUR-US standards: made without ozone depleters, flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, or formaldehyde. This made me feel so much better since I am planning on having the baby on the bed and don’t want his tiny little system exposed to anything toxic.

IMG_6741_Facetune_13-11-2018-22-05-07 (1).JPG

And lastly, you are probably considering your budget. Our way of looking at this was to consider how much time we would spend using it, the effects of getting a great night’s sleep versus just okay sleep, and how many years we would keep the bed and the cost of use over the years. We found that Leesa is able to cut down the price significantly by selling directly to the customer and cutting out the middle man (retailers), so that helps bring the price down, but keeps the quality the same.

Some quick facts we love about Leesa

Shipping to United States, Canada, U.K. and Germany.

100 Night Guarantee and 10 Year Limited Warranty.

One mattress donated for ten sold.

One tree planted for each sold.

Partnerships with Pottery Barn and West Elm - You can try it at West Elm stores!

Available for purchase on Amazon.

FREE shipping!

NOT chemically treated.

Constructed in the U.S.A. using CertiPUR-US® approved foams.

If you decide to return the mattress, they schedule a pick up and set up a donation - no you don’t have to squeeze it back into the box!


Must have:

Leesa Blanket - this blanket is so thick and soft, everyone fights over it - even the dogs. I wish it was a king size!

Still want to try:

Leesa pillows and adjustable bases!

I have accepted free product from Leesa in exchange for this review. All opinions are mine.