6 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Single Parents Flying Solo

cute blue sweater solo valentines day

When you’re a single parent, Valentine’s Day is usually devoted to showing your kids how much you love them, but what about those who co-parent and won’t have their child on February 14? Spending the holiday solo can make a person feel really lonely, which can sometimes lead to relying on unhealthy vices. If you’re a single parent who won’t be with their child, here are a few rewarding, love-filled ways you can spend your Valentine’s Day on your own.

Go to a museum

As much as you love your child, there are just some situations that aren’t a good idea — like taking your toddler to a museum. Take the night off as a chance to check out that exhibit you’ve been hearing so many good things about, or stopping by the art gallery you see on your drive home from work every day. You can even bring along another solo friend.


Show the love you have for your community by donating your time. You might want to spend your evening serving meals to the homeless, or maybe you want to read to seniors at the local nursing home. You’ll spend your Valentine’s Day with your mind occupied and focused on a truly wonderful goal, and have an enjoyable, rewarding time doing it.

Check off of a “favorites” list

Give yourself a day of all the things that make you smile. Make a list of all your favorite little things that could happen throughout the day — maybe it’s having your favorite spinach pastry from the coffee shop for breakfast or taking a short walk after lunch — and then make a point of checking off as many as you can. It can be as small as forgiving yourself a single Valentine’s cookie or as big as getting a massage, any simple pleasure that would make your day of love brighter.

Pamper yourself

Going to a spa is great if you can swing it, but they tend to be pretty expensive. Bring the experience home, instead, by having a spa night in. We all deserve a little self care, so on Valentine’s Day,  show some love for your own wellbeing and indulge in face masks, sugar scrubs, and a pedicure. Pour yourself some herbal tea or cocoa, and let your mind relax.

Adopt a four-legged pillar of support

Companion animals can make an important difference in the life of anyone going through a tough time, offering unconditional love and loyalty. Finding steady emotional support isn’t easy, especially as a single parent. If you’ve been having a difficult time with anxiety, even depression, adopting a companion animal could be a great addition to the family.

Explore a new hobby

How many times have you found yourself saying, “Someday, I want to try that!” Discovering a new hobby or passion can be the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day. It could be learning a different language, picking up knitting, or taking a new fitness class at the gym. Take the child-free night to focus on getting yourself started, then find a way to work your new hobby into your routine as much as you can.

If you’re going to be without your child this Valentine’s Day, keep these ideas in mind to have a healthy, happy celebration of love!