What’s Trending: 2017 Best Interior Design Trends

Every year we highlight the best interior design trends for the year, and it's always one of our most popular stories. Sometimes there are major changes from the year before, and sometimes there are trend replays from previous seasons - either way, we stay informed and on top of the trends coming in, and those going out, and make sure to give you the scoop.

This year more than ever before we are seeing the Interior Design industry follow suit after the Fashion industry, as exemplified by our first trend nominee - the beloved Millennial Pink.

1 | Millennial Pink


This girly bathroom makeover has us drooling! Click on the image to see more before and after photos.

Source: Elsie + Emma - A Beautiful Mess

This soft, baby pink hue has carved a place in our heart - and in our homes. Trends show that our love for millennial pink isn't slowing down, and trendsetters continue to include it in their fashion, accessories, and home accents.

Infuse it into your own design by painting an accent wall, adding kitchen ware, or throw pillows for easy cycling.


2 | Mixed Prints


we all know and love Emily Henderson's unique and colorful style. In her patio makeover she mixed prints in blue and white for a textured and vibrant outcome.

Source: Emily Henderson

Mixed prints in a variety of colors add interest and keep the eye moving throughout the room. Don't be afraid to mix it up and push your comfort zone - anything goes!

3 | Cerused Wood


This stunning kitchen done by Gianetti Home blends modern luxuries with the textured look and feel of cerused wood, bringing out the natural grain and giving it that much more depth.

Source: Brooke Giannetti

You can achieve this look with a few different techniques, including a fabulous lime wash treatment by AMy Howard. The key is to distress the wood enough so that the white wax has grooves to go into and give it the "grainy", faded effect. High end dealers have sold this style for long time and now we are seeing it become more mainstream.

4 | Flamingos


In the wild, flamingos always look like a bright, pink piece of art. At home, the find a place as part of our decor - and the trend isn't going anywhere in 2017.

Source: de Gournay | Interior Design: Baptiste Bohu

If you like the idea but not enough to commit to a full wallpaper, go with a few flamingo-colored pillows, or a small piece of art. With this trend you don't need much, and there are plenty of ways to include it in your style without it becoming overpowering.

Indoor Vines Interior Design Trends 2017

5 | Indoor Vines


Designer Brooke GIanetti does it again - These simple vines draped over exposed beams and trailing down to eye level give this living room an airy and organic feel.

Source: Brooke Giannetti

Adding green in any way is always chic, but climbing vines take it up a notch and elevate your space. Typically used on fences and to separate outdoor fences, climbing greenery is now seeing a revival. With what experts are terming the "vertical garden", there is a lot of room to experiment. Plant them in hanging pots, use fishing wire, trellis or furniture to train it, or simply place it in chest drawer to cascade down. 

6 | Smart Home Tech


We talked about smart home features in our last Trends Article for 2016, but this year we are taking it up a notch.

Source: Smart Home HGTV

This is a trend we saw emerging last year, but this year it's really blown up, mostly because of the wildly popular HGTV Smart Home Giveaways. HGTV Smart Home features a walk-in digital shower. Designed to know its users, a smart home learns their habits and automates the every day needs so that residents experience a seamless, smooth operation at home. Features like water temperature preference, water pressure and timing are all included.

7 | Forest Greens 


This floor-to-ceiling green living room feels like a scene out of a dicken's novel. Paired with the right accents, it's inviting and cozy.

Dark, Hunter or Forest green - whatever you call this deep, ivy color, we are here for it. This beautiful shade of green has been popular in fall decor but now we are embracing it regardless of season. It makes a statement for elegance and high-end taste, but never pretentious or unapproachable. 

Pair it with warmer textiles like a bright vintage rug, some live greens, some unexpected glamour and feminine art to break up the otherwise masculine result. 

8 | Terracotta


last year we named Cement Tiles as one of the hottest trends, but this year its first cousin, terracotta, is stealing first place.

Source: Candelaria Design

The earthy, natural look of terra-cotta is The reason many designers are attracted to the material - it adds organic texture and movement to spaces in a way that modern tiles cannot. Use it as flooring, planters, or accents around your home.

9 | Hygge


CHANCES ARE YOU'VE HEAR THIS WORD THROW AROUND - WHAT THE HECK DOES IT MEAN? Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah")refers to the latest danish lifestyle trend of finding joy and coziness in life's everyday moments, no matter the season.

Source: Viktoria.Dahlberg

Hygge isn't about "stuff": It's about being happy with less things, but things that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Embrace the style with chunky knits, mood lighting and candles, indulgent baths, warm drinks, layers, pillows by the fire, and anything that makes you want to turn your phone off and enjoy the here and the now - and oh, you can embrace the messy bed!

10 | Floor Transitions & Wood Tiles



Wood tiles have been around for a while and have been a favorite for bathrooms and wet rooms. Lately designers have been using wood tiles in both residential and commercial designs, as well as transitioning from wood planks to tile in interesting ways.

Get creative in your transitions and let the tiles speak to you. Some patterns will want to transition organically, while others may want to be lined up more traditionally, but there is always room for a tile feature - no matter how small your space is.

We continue to update our readers throughout the year so please share with us any trends you think are getting hot in 2017!