Society Letters' Luxe Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days! Greg and I love to spoil each other on this lovey dovey holiday!

Sometimes though, guys need you to really spell it out for them. They don’t understand why you don’t want another box of chocolates or roses from the grocery store. Not that those aren’t great, but really, I think all of us gals just want to know that our special someone put thought and time into our gift.  

It doesn’t matter if it’s as simple as a handmade card, or as beautiful as a monogrammed necklace, we really just want to feel special! Here is a list of great gifts that everyone is sure to love! From beauty products to home decor, we’ve got you covered, so go ahead and copy this link over to your hubby’s inbox to give him an extra hint on how to make you feel special this Valentine’s Day! 

Drink Stirrers | Food52

BIANCA PRATT | Initial Necklace - Barneys

Eat Pretty Book | Anthropologie

Copper Bakeware | Anthropologie

DIPTYQUE | Rosaviola Candle - Barneys

Wedding Blanket | Anthropologie

Wreath | Terrain

Chanel Perfume | Nordstrom

Serveware | Terrain

Mug | Nordstrom


Bee Mine Magnets | Terrain


Vintage Copper Pie Plates | Food52

Check out some of my favorite DIY Valentine’s Day projects! 

Back To School Love Notes

Watercolor Envelope and Card

Valentine Sweetheart Straws