2016 Interior Design Trends We Are So Over

Every year there are trends that sweep through the nation, and it seems everyone on Instagram has hopped on board. As 2016 comes to a close, we are tackling those interior design trends that were good while they lasted, but are now in our rearview mirror as we move on to new and fresh concepts. 


It may come as a shock that we are feeling a bit over marble, as it is such a timeless material.  If you have marble counters, don't take a sledgehammer to them just yet. What we mean is the overuse of marble: marble accessories, faux marble, marble wallpaper, and so on. 


Copper was huge in 2016, and will always have a place in our hearts. It will likely stick around for those who implemented it in a subtle way, but this coming season the rosy metallic gives way to more natural elements such as warm golds, wood, and a focus on textiles.


Oh fiddle leaf figs, haven't we tapped you out yet? This trend is overdone, and it's time for new plants. ANY new plants.


We still love a beautiful wallpapered moment, but 2016 was filled with large and decisive prints. Trends are starting to move toward understated, faded colors, and softer lines, as opposed to looking like that time you made the impulsive decision to go with lime green zebra stripes after perusing Pinterest for 7 hours.


White subway tile is a classic,  but we are very much looking forward to some fresh ideas in 2017. Dark grout is also on its way out the door and designers are opting for other ways to get creative with their tile designs, such as working in custom accent tile, or laying it in new patterns. 


It’s a funny thing how for many years Americans wanted open-concept homes and despised the idea of a formal anything. Now more than ever and likely due to the ever-growing trend of guest entertaining, we are seeing a shift toward defined spaces, formal dining rooms, and even secluded kitchens.  

Diamond pattern shag RUGS

You know the ones. Buh bye. 


2016 saw a lot of fun ideas, and some not so great. But the biggest problem home decorators faced was finding a way to display all of their finds without ending up with a cluttered mess. Sure you love all of your finds, but editing down is key to a clean and composed room. I would even dare to predict 2017 will have a hint of minimalism and simplicity.


White is elegant in any room, and while this is certainly personal preference, we are seeing designers move away from all white schemes to more colorful choices. Even Benjamin Moore, who chose Simply White as their color of the year for 2016, went with Shadow, a soulful and rich amethyst for 2017. So we beg of you,  we understand it's trendy - but please add some color and personality to your neutrals. 


Galvanized metal can be cool - in an auto shop, where it belongs. Or even in the garden. Opt for more polished materials to get a more elegant, pulled-together look. 


Joanna Gaines brought this style to the mainstream, but home decor lovers everywhere took it to a new level. Stores like Target and Home Goods are stocked to the brim with items that look straight out of a barn - and not always in a good way.  If you enjoy that aesthetic, choose one or two items in that style - avoid covering the entire house or it will end up looking like a junk yard. And that includes the beloved shiplap, Dunn Rae Mugs, and the wood signs instructing us to "EAT", do "LAUNDRY" or go to the "FARMER'S MARKET" - especially the "Fresh Pies Baked Daily" ones (hurtful and misleading!).