5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Caring About What Other People Think

"If anyone ever tells you your dreams are silly, remember there's some millionaire walking around who invented the pool noodle." 

How liberating is it to have the strength to be the kind of person who wears what they want, goes where they want and ultimately does what they want?  Due to the nature of our personalities or upbringings, sometimes we make decisions based on how others may or may not feel.  This behavior can take a toll on our lives.  Being a people pleaser can stunt your personal growth and make you unhappy.  Although it's easier said than done, here are some reasons why it's okay to hold others' opinions in little regard:

1.  Other people can have a change of heart too:  This happens all the time!  You think you know what's best until something better comes along and just like that, you've moved in a different direction.  It's human nature.  The combination of the unknown and our constant evolution gives way for difference in opinions and perspectives.  It's advisable to consider the opinions of others, however, you should always make your own decisions.  You'll never find solid ground to stand on if you don't act on what you personally feel is the best course of action.

2.  You have limited control over another person's opinion:  Truth is, although their perception about you could be way off, there isn't anything you can REALLY do about it.  Why are you occupying your thoughts with it?  If you can't change it, don't bother.  The energy spent on trying to change everyone else's viewpoints could be put to better use.  Shift that energy into finding new hobbies and ways to motivate yourself. 

4.  It sets a good example for others:  Perhaps you can't quantify the folks you influence on a daily basis, but they most certainly are there.  Being confident in your decisions and actions serves as a model for others.  Though some may shy away from your conduct, others will appreciate it and even imitate it!  It's refreshing to meet someone who inspires you to take hold of your life and of your choices. You are totally that person!

4.  Pleasers may entice the wrong kind of people:  Have you stopped to look at the people you've surrounded yourself with?  Are they everything you want?  Do they respect how you think or feel?  What do they REALLY know about you?  Time to stop concealing your spirit.  Being yourself will allow you to attract those who are similar to your character.   

5.  It may hold you back from doing what you love:  Success may find you at the end of the journey, but even if it doesn't, the joy is really in the process.  Taking the advice others give may reduce your sense of uncertainty, but taking risks creates more opportunities, and leads to a more fulfilling life.  Spending too much time worrying about others will beget negative vibes and that's no way to dive into new adventures.  

You should always strive for the things you believe in.  I encourage you to let someone down, if that's what it takes.  Take your personal needs into consideration and see where they take you.  Don't be afraid to disagree and, and give yourself permission to express your opinions in a respectful manner.  Start living for you and happiness will manifest itself along the way.