DIY Skin Care and Cosmetics

The alarm clock sounds off and I slowly roll out of bed. I start the Keurig and take those first delightful sips of aromatic coffee that arrived from the source of a tidy cup. I have a few moments before the house wakes and the whirlwind ensues. I check myself in the mirror. Now 34, I am learning to enjoy my changing face and newer wrinkles. I am trying hard to accept them graciously, but not welcome them sooner than need be. I am rested but my eyes are tired. There's not time to wash my hair but manage it in some sort of top knot...When ten years ago I would be taking an hour to get ready, make an appointment for nails and then stroll around the mall shopping for needless wants. Today, I make decisions on how I can look my best without buying the miracle serums out there; because even though I know they do in fact work some "magic", we simply can't afford them. Then my attention is grabbed by clomping footsteps and sweet yelling voices coming from down the hall. I am joyfully and quickly reminded why I chose to make these sacrifices. Life has changed and with that change has come a bounty of joy. 

I've been given this calling to be a mom, which involves raising these precious beings who look at me with their big hopeful eyes and receiving hearts. My duty to care for them as they have total dependency on me for their every need. I'm still learning each day what this job holds for me and what it entails. It is worth every lost minute of sleep, pound gained and skipped shower to hold this title. Most of my young adult years I had spending money that was used for fun makeup and skinny jeans; now that goes to pull ups, soccer games and ballet shoes. A few things I have learned along the way is to get creative with makeup and self care so that I am not giving it up. Mamas should still feel like they get to take care of themselves and their needs. So now when a hair wash won't fit in our schedule - dry shampoo does. A little makeup goes a long way and moisturizing does wonders for my tired eyes. Staying home means less money but not less care. While I still do buy cosmetics and toiletries, I began making many of my products or getting to the bottom of essentials so I could still feel good about self care. 

Here are some of my favorites I use and some recipes for those I make to cut down on cost... 


•    Coconut Oil - this one is huge and what I use for so much! This is my facial, body, and lip moisturizer. Others include- cuticle oil, hair mask, mouth rinse, etc... I apply a small dime sized amount to my hands, rub it through my hands/fingers and then apply to my face or body. Caution - it is greasy so avoid your eyes and when used for your body allow it to settle in as it does rub off. 

•    Vitamin E Oil - I use this for under my eyes and growing wrinkles. I apply a very small drop to my palm and then take my ring finger dotting along my under eye. Again being careful not to get too close to my eyes.  

•    DIY Citrus Honey Face and Body Scrub - I use this about once a week on my face and body. It is fantastic for a quick skin refresh and is so simple to make (recipe here). 


•    DIY Dry Shampoo - I love this stuff. It gives my hair volume and keeps it from looking greasy when I have to skip a wash on my hair. I apply it with a makeup brush, let it sit, tousle and then style my hair as normal (recipe here).  


•    DIY Mineral Veil/Bronzer - once my makeup is applied I give a light dusting of my veil/bronzer. It smells good with some cinnamon and wakes my tired face up a bit (recipe here). 

While these tips and recommendations are mentioned with a mommy schedule in mind - these products are fantastic for anyone looking to save some money or time. They may take some getting used to and play around with how you use them. As with anything else, please make sure to check for allergies and test skin before use. I hope this gives you some new ways to skincare and cosmetics affordably!