Summer Home Tours - Jennifer Polley of "The Willow Farm House"

Our home is a 1918 Sears & Roebuck catalog home that was actually hauled in by the local huge crates. My house was delivered in crates nearly 100 years ago. Crazy, right?  It's specific name is a Montgomery Ward Dutch Colonial. We purchased this home a little over four years ago and it's taken me almost every bit of that time to fill it. We doubled square feet from our last home and because of this home being nearly 100 years old, I wanted to make sure I used era appropriate pieces. It's taken a lot of time to get it all just right. My style tends to lean towards bright whites with lots of natural wood accents. Authentic farmhouse-ish.  

Let's start with what is now the Living Room. This room was actually designed to be the Dining Room since it's right off the Kitchen, but I like to watch TV when I bake so I put my couch in here. I want to tell you that wasn't my complete motivation for swapping these rooms, I do. But, it's mostly true. I love the idea of having a more open concept, but I mostly love watching reality television while I make cookies.

It's not a huge room - I mean, it's really only intended for a table, but I was able to get most of our furniture in here. Almost everything in this room is vintage/antique. All of my pillows are made from old sugar/grain sacks or vintage kitchen towels. I built the TV Console myself but added vintage fence posts along the back of it. The gallery wall is comprised of many vintage pieces including an old rifle stock, WWII newspaper, and washboard.

Let's move into the Kitchen. We've spent the past four years slowly updating this room! When we bought our home this room was a hot, dark, wallpapered mess. We painted everything. Even the counter tops. Installed new flooring, added barnwood open shelving, an island and tons of white dishes. I'm only semi-obsessed with white dishes. I spend a LOT of time in here. My kids never stop wanting food. They'll grow out of that right? I thought so. 

Did I mention we have the original catalog our home was purchased from? Apparently, the kitchen layout was very different when it was first built. Someone along the lines remodeled and moved everything around. We still have the original farm sink that was installed in 1918. It's in the basement.....and it's HUGE.


Moving on to the Dining Room and Formal Living Room. Once upon a time this was our only living space. Until I decided watching tv while I bake was more important. I really loved the idea of having an electronic free zone too. This room is massive. It's long and skinny with a humongous fire place right in the middle. I split the room in half - one half is our Dining Room and the other is our formal sitting area. 

We built our farm table and I added 8 different antique chairs. The vintage shutters and open shelving adds some fun uniqueness to this space!

The other side of this room holds all of my favorite antiques. The armoire was one of my best finds! The bench came out of an old train station. Best find #2. And the barn door with the light is best find #3.....which wasn't really a find at all. It came out of my basement. We added the galvanized light for an extra dose of awesomeness.

I could go on, but I'll make this the last stop of this tour. Our home has four bedrooms, but it was only designed as a three bedroom. The folks who originally built the house decided to add a wall and divide the larger master into two rooms. This probably sounded like a swell idea at the time....but I'm here to tell you, they should've thought on it a bit longer. I wish they had taken me into consideration when adding this wall. As a result of the wall, our bedrooms are rather snug. And by snug, I mean tiny. And by tiny, I mean they're the size of a closet. In the four years we've lived here I have moved our master bedroom THREE times. Like into three different rooms. I've tried every room out as our master, but one. Because that's what normal people do.  I finally settled on a room, and we're making it work. I actually do love this space, it's just tight. Our kitchen originally had a door on it, but we took that door off and are now using it as our headboard. My ironstone wash basin is my best friend for life. Seriously. We have the best times together. Too far? Yeah. Time for me to wrap this up! 

Thanks so much for reading and taking a tour of our home that we love so much!!

Jennifer Polley

You can find me at: @thewillowfarmhouse | blog

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