Summer Home Tours - Lindsay Dean of "Frills and Drills"

This is the husband and I’s second home we’ve purchased together. We didn’t necessarily plan on leaving our first home so soon, but life happens, and here we are. And let me tell you how thankful I am that I had the chance to press the restart button when it came to my decor. Let’s just say that my first home was where I learned a lot about what I DIDN’T like. Sometimes finding your style is a lot of trial and error, and that’s ok! 

For my second home, I knew I wanted a much lighter pallet that felt more open, and bright. My old home was full of dark colors and I knew I had to get away from that. I wanted this home to be very classy, grown up, and glam. 

As if it’s not obvious from the pictures, you can tell I absolutely love glam; from the crystal chandeliers you see in nearly every room, the metallic framed mirrors everywhere, to the hydrangeas littered throughout. 

I also wanted my home to have plenty of seating and to accommodate large groups when we host poker nights. To accomplish this, I used the same color scheme throughout my downstairs entertaining area (living room, dining room & kitchen) to give the feeling of one large, cohesive space.

Believe it or not, our current furniture arrangement provides room to seat 24 people in those 3 spaces! 

Lastly, I wanted my entire home to reflect the same style, or “theme" in every single room. I’m still working towards that goal, but it’s all centralized around a neutral pallet. My home may be too neutral for some, but I’ve learned over time that I get sick of decor if it’s too “loud” or bright. 

A neutral home is what makes my heart happy. I like to keep the walls, furniture, and main pieces very neutral, and add pops of color with less expensive things like flowers, pillows, or vases. 

I also love the unexpected surprise my guests get when they see our black doors. A few years ago I pinned a photo on Pinterest of black interior doors and finally built up enough courage to do it last year. It definitely adds character to our builder grade home and I’m in love with the result. 

I hope you enjoyed visiting my home as much as I enjoy living in it! It’s my passion, my never ending hobby, and it’ll never be finished! 

Lindsay Holmes 

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