Married to a Wedding Singer

Photo by Ginnard Photography

Photo by Ginnard Photography

Oh my gosh, this is my JAM! No lie, up on the dance floor because I'm about to rock this joint, with what I believe to be my super sexy dance moves! Spin girl, yes! Oh, he is so yummy and he definitely just winked at me! Walk it backwards like hey now! Hold up, am I seriously trying to catch my balance because I'm falling?! This can't be happening, oh wait, never mind, yeah my legs just kicked straight up in the air, I'm on my back and hello mini skirt that I thought was right on point! Please, somebody, for the love, just come save me! Why, why must I always be center of attention?! Well he definitely noticed me now! Awkward! 

Yes, this is me, this is my life fifteen years ago! I was so infatuated by this immensely talented lead singer that all the ladies were swooning over! Lame right? So lame that I even went as far as doing his laundry! Did I just say that out loud? Stop it! Now that is lame! No judging, I swear I wasn't that desperate! To be fair my roommate at the time was dating his roommate and she just so happened to bring ALL their laundry home! I mean how could a girl resist feeling a slight bit of a connection with a local celebrity? Ok, not really but that makes my lame story sound much better than the desperate groupie right? 

I'm almost certain my mom prayed every night for me to not follow in her very same footsteps. Ok, it wasn't that dramatic but she does know what it's like to be married to a musician and it's extremely challenging at times. My father is an avid drummer and singer who still to this day is very passionate about his talents. The even crazier part is my late uncle was an insanely talented musician as well. As any musician, their entire world revolves around their passion for music. It's all they think about! Not to mention music is constantly evolving, so therefor they too are constantly evolving. Whatever the radio is currently wearing out their crowd for the evening is just as eager to wear it out. Exhausting right? How many times can you really dance stupidly with your girlfriends to "Wagon Wheel," "Dixieland Delight" and "Sweet Home Alabama?" Trust me, an unbelievable amount and I'm just as guilty as the people I'm referring to! 

So what's it like to be married to a real life wedding singer? Yes, like my husband is exactly like what you picture. He is Adam Sandler, well let's be serious he's much funnier, yummier and he truly is a wedding singer. Crazy right? Well let me elaborate.... Playing in the bar scene is all fun and games when your in college and your not actually a husband, father and working a twelve hour day five days a week. Now don't get me wrong, playing weddings and private parties is financially rewarding a million more times than wasting your time on any bar gig. However, there are somedays my husband leaves out at 4:00 in the am, yes and doesn't return until 8:00 in the am the very next morning. Meaning he may have gotten one to two hours of sleep crunched up in the passenger seat and that would be considered his "full nights sleep." Now I can't lie, my boo can sleep on a cold tile floor in the middle of nowhere and sound like a freight train taking over. That dude knows how to sleep and has zero problems falling to sleep! However, this life can be very exhausting! So why would one ever choose this life you ask? 

Photo by Ginnard   Photography

Photo by Ginnard Photography

It isn't easy and there are many times it is actually very trying. I know, most musicians have a terrible image, I am totally aware. However, those musicians also choose to give themselves that image. Don't get me wrong, there will always be the random drunk chic that pops up on stage and leans in for a big smooch or rubs her body all over your husband well because she's "dancing" right? As entertaining as that may be it never stops me from secretly hoping she stumbles off the stage and falls flat on her face! Ok, not really but I'm grateful I embrace the fact that she is just that, the random drunk chic. I'm not a jealous person, never really have been but let's keep it real there are an endless amount of women and let me not discriminate, men that completely ignore the fact they are just that, MARRIED! Odd, I know? 

Every weekend revolves around wedding season and to be honest there are very few weekends that aren't full speed ahead. Are these weekends easy? No, sometimes they are very trying for my husband and his bandmates. I would be lying if I didn't say they weren't just as trying for me as I selfishly want my husband home to stare at or maybe cut a little shiplap! Hey, I'm only being honest! I feel guilty, I feel incredibly guilty that my husband sometimes can play two to three weddings in one weekend and I'm complaining about just five minutes of peace and quiet. I mean really? Lindsey, your husband just worked seven days straight so you can listen to that nonstop toddler ask the same question over and over again. Get over yourself! 

There are many times I forget to be grateful for an extremely hard working husband and yes, he may be fulfilling his passion but at the same time he is also providing for his family! Would I have it any other way? Absolutely not! What kind of wife would I be if I took away something that completed my husband?! I couldn't imagine what our life would be like without him living out this dream. I'm sure it would be an even larger dream if he was touring all over the country and playing in front of thousands but for us this works and if one day God decides his journey shall change we will gladly adjust our lives to His plan. Until then, I will continue to support my husband and count our many blessings! Thanks for stopping by and see you next time!