Tips on Curbing Your Bridezilla Tendencies

While planning away and scrolling through my cable network, I stumbled upon a couple of wedding shows that I used as inspiration! Some were entertaining, others were tear jerkers. Others left me with my mouth wide open, quite frankly.  The brides’ behaviors in the months leading up to the wedding were laughable and they seemed somewhat unhinged on their wedding days. Where was the bliss?  I swiftly decided that there would be one guest that who would not be attending our affair: BRIDEZILLA.  On your special day sentiments are running high and it can be difficult to stay centered.   Here are a few pointers  (from my own wedding) and reminders that could be useful to you on your special day.   

1. Hire a PLANNER/day of COORDINATOR:   I had a vision of what our spring/beach/glam wedding would look like and planned on executing it entirely.  That was the fun part!  I also knew there wasn’t mitosis advanced enough to help me split into two on my wedding day.  If a Wedding Planner is out of your budget, there is someone else that is similarly equipped to help you.  That person is referred to as a Day of Coordinator (DOC).  With your help, he or she will oversee that your day goes according to what you have in mind.   It’s still very important to stay as organized as possible since the coordinator has not necessarily shadowed you along the planning process therefore, detailed information is key.  You may still benefit from informing your loved ones or friends of some of the details that are important to you.   The day of my wedding, the bridesmaids took it upon themselves to do a once over of the ballroom. My maid of honor (MOH) noticed the engagement photos had been distributed amongst the tables.  She informed the DOC who then placed them on the cake table-where I originally wanted. I didn’t find out until months later.  That’s what great friends are for! 

2. EAT BREAKFAST.  A little food will go a long way on your special day. For some of us it's very difficult to think of food when we first wake up.  Even for those who love breakfast,  it could be difficult to stimulate the urge to eat (again, from the excitement) that's only normal but make sure to give your body some fuel since it’ll be hours until you actually sit down for a meal..  I ordered a ton of room service the morning of!  Eggs, bacon, toast-threw a bagel in there for good luck, fruit, yogurt, COFFEE and tons of water. I may have used the bathroom more times than I anticipated, don’t be alarmed if it happens to you!   After the I do's are said and done, it'll be picture time. At this point the initial adrenaline rush will start to subside allowing you to relax.   Familiar with the term: HANGRY? Without realizing it’s been hours since you last had a sip of water.  While taking our family photos, I remember secretly hating everybody- and that’s WITH breakfast on board.  “Look at them over there” eating the delicious appetizers I carefully selected with Adam at the menu tasting.  'Somebody had better save me a plate!  I haven't even tried the ADAM AND EVE signature drink!   To make matters worse, Adam stepped on my dress and got the "I WANT A DIVORCE NOW' look from me. Yikes, my poor hubby “Quick!  Somebody get us a drink!”  

3. Remember the BASICS.  Did you have a wedding hair and make up trial?  If you didn’t, today is NOT the day to be adventurous.  Part your hair to your good side- you’ll feel more comfortable.  You are beautiful and your fiancé loves you just the way you are.  Chances are you won't forget your dress, your shoes or your jewelry.  You may however, forget about the little things! Be sure to write a little checklist and review it before leaving your room for the ceremony.  Deodorant?  Perfume?   I did not remember to wear perfume.   One that I’ve been wearing since I was 19! It’s my signature scent!  Here’s to going au naturale! Just like Deb, I was lucky they didn’t throw any cat poop at me on the way down the aisle.  You get the drift! Write a list!  See what I did there?

4. ENJOY your first kiss.   Not sure who to blame this one on... Allegedly, I didn’t give Adam a chance to think.   No one ever told me we had to rehearse the first kiss!   Isn't that something that's supposed to flow naturally?  All organic and stuff?  If you don't plan on rehearsing your first kiss, that's perfectly acceptable!  Remind yourself take in the moment.  Allow yourselves to lock eyes for a second or two.    You know, I didn't really think much of it; his speech was breathtaking and I was so nervous.  When the rabbi said "you may now kiss the bride" I did my part!   That’s what happens when a rabbit marries a turtle. 

5. LET IT GO.  After all our hard work, we took some steps back and admired the beautiful ballroom.  Everything looked so very perfect, just like we imagined.  Simply magical!   What a great night ahead of us! ? “ The centerpieces looked amaz-  Hold up!  That’s not my cake, is it?! No, no, that’s not the right color!  That pink/peach tone isn’t even part of this wedding!”  Yup, that happened too!  What could I do? Nothing- so we had our cake and ate it too.  It was sweet and delicious. 

Unlike the movies, real weddings aren’t perfect but they are memorable.  Embrace the mishaps, eat your food , have your drinks (you did pay for Premium Liquor, after all) and enjoy what should be one of the best nights of your life.  My possible body odor, a peach colored cake and kissing Adam’s face off are what made my wedding all the more special.   The hours do go by all too quickly.  My mother-daughter dance to Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds, Adam threatening to smash the cake in my face, Dylan and his cousins taking soda shots all night, my father in law’s never before seen dance moves. .. I just love looking back and saying “remember when…” 

Eat, drink and be married, the fun has just begun.

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