Life Lessons From The Kardashians

I know that there are many mixed feelings about the Kardashian family but I will go ahead and say it: I love them. So what if they are this big family who love each other so much, making millions of dollars for exposing their lives to the world? Maybe that’s not your or my cup of tea but let them do their thing, besides they may know a thing or two about life. Here are a few things that we can all learn from the Kardashians:

Selfies are appropriate at all times - With today’s technology and fancy camera phones it is almost weird if you’re not taking photos of everything around you. Let’s talk about selfies. Don’t lie we’ve all done it. Maybe you’re just snapping a front facing camera shot so you can check your self out, make sure you have nothing in your teeth, maybe you have something in your eye and need to get it out or maybe you’re checking that your bronzer looks blended in natural light….Or you just look so dang good you need to record this moment and face in history. Kim Kardashian has taught us that it is OK to take that selfie, let the haters hate. 


2. Stay young as long as you can - Every year that passes by I think to myself “Why was I so worried at this age (insert lower number of current age), life was so much easier?” Some of the best times of my life happened during the years of care free, friend making, college going, finding myself time. I often find myself caught up in this “adult” life that I forget to be young. 


Opinions are not Facts -  We are so quick to form an opinion based on one or two things (whether it is an Instagram photo, Facebook status and so on). People on social media tend to make their lives a little bit more public which opens the door to the good and bad of all opinions. I have seen some amazing, supportive comments and stories through Instagram and blogging but I have also seen the negative. It breaks my heart when I am put down based one opinion and even more so when my friends are put down. I encourage you all to remember that your one opinion may  be so far from the fact. Be kind and know that everyone is fighting their own battle. 


No Negative Energy Please - Do you ever find yourself in this negative place where your mind just keeps feeding you all the things that are wrong and that could go wrong? Maybe it lasts a few minutes or maybe an entire day. It’s normal to feel negative, it mostly happens to me when I am hangry. But do you notice when you’re negative energy spreads to the ones around you? I do. Text your friend, mom or IG bestie and tell them you’re being super negative and that you need help snapping out of it, I bet they’ll help. Don’t forget, energy feeds itself based on what you allow for it to eat. 


Be yourself and love yourself - People change, we all change over time. Whether that is a change in hair or sex always be true to who you are. Never change yourself to be what society wants you to be. Change for the better, change into the person that you want to be. 

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