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Welcome! I'd like to start off by walking you through my backyard first. This is our first summer in this house & we are loving everything about this yard! The pool, the flowers, the whole ambience. Since we enjoy being outdoors, most of our time is spend in our backyard. My husband loves to bbq, my kids love swimming, running around or playing basketball, & I love having a nice glass of wine relaxing near the pool. One of our plans in our backyard is doing some planting & possibly adding a vegetable garden.  Wouldn't it be nice to pick vegetables right from your backyard? Can't wait!


From our backyard, you step into our nook.  I like the oak kitchen cabinets of this house, but not too crazy about it. We have plans to do a kitchen remodel in the near future, but not anytime soon. Going through a remodel is a lot of work & I still have boxes I haven't unpacked yet...oops! The beautiful hydrangeas you see here on the table are picked from my backyard.  I'm actually still discovering new plants & just found out we have rosemary growing in our backyard. Hence, flowers are a MUST in my home! I love having flowers as centerpieces and just anywhere throughout my home.  It really makes me happy & I don't think I can ever live without them?

Across the nook is our family room. We get a good amount of lighting in this area. It has vaulted ceilings & a lot of windows!  I think it's a decent size room & great for those who love to entertain, like us. We have a large family & this room is great to watch sports games, family movie nights & have gatherings.  I like the view of the pool from our family room - you still feel like your outdoors because of all the windows. We really enjoy spending a ot of time here.  

On the other side of our home, sits our living room.  This room also has vaulted ceilings & its adjacent to the dining area which is nice.  I have to say, this room is probably one of my favorite areas in this whole house, its very special to me.  I say that because of my black custom sofa lol.  Since I pay a lot of attention to detail, this is one piece that I put the most time & work in. I hand painted the trim & had it reupholstered. My Gosh, I think I've had this sofa for over 10 years by now! This makes it vintage & I am looking forward to passing this beautiful piece from generation to generation.  

Oh and that painting of Marilyn Monroe? My husband's dad is an artist & he painted it for us before we moved! It has its own special place because it means so much to us. 

Then, we go into our dining room ; adjacent to the living room. I guess you can say I'm a little Mackenzie Childs obsessed! My mom, sister & I collect them & we love it! I have to say, my inspiration comes from my mom. Growing up, she always made our home look very beautiful & it always had that magazine look.. I admired that. I try to carry that with me :) 


For my MC collection, I just set them on my dining table as decoration..I'll change it up or move things around time to time. Because I'm a lover of black & white, I will never get sick of this collection! 

Lastly, I'd like to walk you upstairs to our master bedroom. The color of the walls were previously there before we moved in.  At first, I wasn't too thrilled about the red/orange wall color. After our furniture came in, I really liked how the color pulled everything together, then I fell in love!  

This room also has large beautiful windows which gives us a lot of lighting. I also do most of my blogging & work from my bedroom.  My desk sits in front of the window where I can look over the pool & the view!

Thank you so much for visiting my home! I enjoyed having you! :)


Laila  - Guest blogger

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