10 Ways to Celebrate Not-A-Mother's Day

For anyone who has struggled to start a family, you know that there are a few days a year that sting a little more than others. The day you go to the baby shower for your co-worker who got pregnant by accident. The due date of the baby that you should of had but instead miscarried last fall. The yearly anniversary of the day you decided to start trying to make a baby. And then, last but not least, there is Mother’s Day. Today. With all TV commercials and Hallmark moments, you find it pretty impossible to avoid this holiday. And to avoid the fact that another year has come and gone and you are still not a mother. I remember two years ago my husband saying this would be the last year we celebrated with our mothers and that next year would be all about me. I laughed and told him, “Okay, we’ll see.” And then this time last year, I was the one who said out loud “Alright, this is it. This time next year I will be a mama." And now here we are. 2015. And I’m still not a mother.

So I guess that leaves me with two options today. 1) Sit in my room, sulking at the posts on my Facebook news feed Or 2) enjoy this last year as Not-a-Mother by doing all the things that one might do if you did not have any children. Spend the day having fun and enjoying what you have now, and not what you don’t have. Because staying positive and finding ways to laugh instead of cry is the best thing you can do for your body. And if you send positivity out into the world, the universe is sure to send some good fortune your way. 

So to carry on the tradition from last year, here are some ways you can celebrate Not-a-Mother's Day:

1. Sit around all day and binge watch all 12 episodes of Orange is the New Black on Netflix. (And yes Apple TV, I am still here. I haven’t left the couch.)

2. Go out to a restaurant and sit at the bar instead of a table. 

3. Have sex with your husband in the middle of the day in the family room. Repeat as needed.

4. Take a flight out of town, grab a window seat, and sleep peacefully for the entire 5 hour flight. 

5. Invent a new drinking game. Maybe one in which you have to take a tequila shot every time one of the characters on Sons of Anarchy says, “I love you brother.”

6. Camp out on Capers Island for the weekend. Bring nothing but a tent, your swimsuit, and a cooler full of adult beverages. 

7. Go see a movie in the theaters. When it gets out, sneak into the theater next door and catch another movie for free. (I don’t think that is stealing, right?)

8. Go to an amusement park, stay the entire day, and only ride the really big roller coasters. Walk straight past all cartoon characters. You do not need their autographs. 

9. Go get a couples massage at the fancy hotel spa and at the last minute decide to get a room for the night. 

10. Stay in bed until noon and when you finally decide to relocate to the kitchen, eat left over sushi for breakfast.

I hope you find joy, peace, and gratitude today in the things that you do have! Happy Mother's day to all the mothers and not-a-mothers out there! As Annie said in her post earlier today, mother is a verb, and sometimes, it's just something you are in your heart. 

Priscilla Brown - Guest blogger