A Taste of Life

Wine lesson number one : “The most important thing about tasting wine is; if you like it, it’s good!” 

Wine lesson number two : Spit—it's what the bucket is for!

These are your first two lessons in wine tasting and if you don’t remember the second please do not blame me for your headache in the morning—you’ve been warned. 

All jokes aside, my first day of wine class began exactly like this and my palette was never the same. I learned about smelling the wine and searching for the exact fruit and its ripeness, along with, what “nice legs” really meant—turns out I like the ones with no legs at all. The world of wine is vast, its lessons are never ending and there isn't really a formula as to why you should like a wine or not, because in the end, it’s about your palette and your taste. 

This lesson also lends an interesting perspective on life. One that encourages us to say—“Hey! I really like that two dollar bottle of wine!”—and be confident! It sounds so easy and somedays it is, others not so much. Audrey Hepburn called it having, “the mean reds” in Breakfast At Tiffany’s and we all have those days surface. As a woman, there is an expectation to have it all together and figured out. I, for one, have a solid two things figured out: I love my family and I need a lot of God’s grace. I’m happy to say that grace is never ending, goes deeper than I could have imagined, and scares me to death of where I would be if it didn’t exist. It’s under this crazy grace that you are allowed to try and try again until you get it right. Grace does not say, give up and crawl into the corner. It says, get back out there, try a different way, succeed, and be loved. 

I took a few months off from social media after the new year as a way to recharge and reset confidence in myself and my life. I was quick to feel bitter because I didn’t have time to have the perfect style—or for that matter, put on make-up—and questioned why I didn’t have this or that. Finding a new decor blog made me envious that I didn’t have a home of my own to design and DIY. The pressure is real in this world of Instagram, blogs, Facebook and Twitter making it all too easy to “go shopping” for a different life.

After confessing my struggles with a close friend, she made a suggestion that tuned my way of thinking towards a different path. The exercise was to take a break from looking into someone else’s world and take inventory of mine. To write down a list of things I desired, then look at them and connect them to an emotion I thought they would fulfill. After I identified the emotion, I looked at the inventory of my life and found I have these feelings already fulfilled, just in different ways, and through different gifts. This exercise takes being brutally honest with yourself and a commitment to look into your own life everyday—two things that are still hard and I would rather leave alone. The great part about grace is that it covers the days of “the mean reds”, when confidence wears and allows you to say, “Let’s look again.”

I hope you will find a blanket of grace this week. “…So in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. -Romans 12.” And I hope you find the encouragement to be confident in your perfect gifts, your awesome (and sometimes failed) DIY's, and even those bad (and awesome) teacher/mom/boss/wife moments. 

Because life isn’t about showing off your skills via a single sip (or Instagram), and neither is tasting wine. It's about experiencing wine (or your life), and telling everyone with confidence, that you love it. And if not, that you will try something different. 

Go taste some life y’all!