The Struggle is Real


September 2014...YES! We FINALLY have a house and a contract! Oh wait... what are we doing?

"Hey honey, do you even like that house?!" "No not really, you?" "I reeeeeally don't honestly."

So here we are in a sticky situation. We've put a contract on a house that we do not love, let alone even like in the slightest! It was one of those situations where you get something just to get it.

Fast forward to a week later. The contract was pulled and we were out of that one thank goodness! So here we are back to square one, looking for a house. We knew exactly what we wanted, or so we thought. Come to find out my husband and I were on two different pages of what we each of us wanted. I dreamed of the neighborhood with a cute yard, four sided brick and big kitchen with open concept. He "You mean you want to live way out there? Where is the closest Target?!" I was grumpy about the situation at first, not even going to lie to you. However, I decided to have an open mind and before I knew it we had a house and signed the end of October 2014. 

I remember it like it was yesterday driving down the street that was about to be our address and thinking, "Wow this is gorgeous!" The trees covered over the road, everyone waved to you and the sweet people at the beginning of the street even came over and cleared all the pine needles off of our driveway. It was just so peaceful and this feeling of thankfulness came over me. We looked at over 100 houses and we finally have one to call home, and if this is the feeling I get driving down our street, well then I think we are going to be just fine here in the "country."

When we got married and I moved to Georgia, we were living in the cutest loft that was walking distance to a little downtown area. It was perfect for us, but we knew we were ready to buy a house and begin a new journey.  With weddings gifts everywhere and most every area of the place decorated, I knew it was going to be lots of work to pack it all up. I mean after all I had JUST moved. Our first 4 months of marriage there were so fun and sweet. We had let our landlord know that we would be moving out so he could let someone else move in. The timing was way off and we were extremely concerned for about a week if we would even have a place to live. After we bought our house we knew right away we wanted to start renovations and we also knew we did NOT want to be living there. Everywhere we searched would not let us rent for just a few months, so thankfully our landlord had another small place for us and let us do month to month. When I tell you it was a shoebox, I'm not kidding people!! All 430 square feet of it was ours and we got to know each other reaaaaally well as newlyweds. It was hard, but I just kept telling myself "I can do anything for almost three months". We look back and laugh at the very short time we had there.

So now the fun begins...

We had a vision before we bought the house of what we wanted to do with it. In buying our house we thought about investment and resale value. This is not our forever home so we wanted to be smart. Open concept, new kitchen and new bathrooms was our main goal. As you will find out on down the road, there is always more to add to the list and your budget goes out the window. So we began the journey and I can remember it like it was yesterday. The first time I saw the house completely torn apart I almost had an anxiety attack. My sweet husband would go out there everyday to check on things and make sure it was all being done right and I would go once a week so that I would see much more progress and think we were one step closer to moving in. We finally moved in THREE days before Christmas. No I didn't have any decorations up, and yes, I was unpacking on Christmas Eve right up until we left to see family. 

The day we moved in, we were walking into a whole new house! Walls that were there before are now gone and openings that were once small are now much bigger. 

Our after!

Our after!

Our before! 

Our before! 

We no longer have popcorn ceilings or an outdated kitchen. We have fresh paint colors, a beautiful open bright kitchen and a place that is beginning to feel like home. This is just phase 1. Stay tuned for me to share with you our next steps of the remodel process and share more of how we saved during our renovation! I will be sharing saving tips, the mistakes we made along the way, the good, the bad, and oh yes, the ugly!

To be continued...