Do You Know What Makes You Happy?

Every time I cross the Port Man, I think "That just cost me 5 minutes of work". The bridge toll started last year but I never cared because I lived in the suburbs and I worked in the suburbs. I never had a reason to cross it. There was nothing on the other side of the bridge for me. That was until, I woke up one day and thought, I need a new job. 

I loved my old job. I was paid to ignite desires to see the world. I sat with clients all day talking about where they wanted to fly off to next and how much weight they had gained on their last all inclusive vacation. Not only did I get paid to sell travel, I was encouraged to go travel. Some trips were paid for by work and the ones I had to pay for myself were often discounted. Oh and the dreaded "I need time off" conversation was never something I needed to worry about because it was always received with open arms. Why did I quit? 

"Greed"- no, that's not it...

"Vision"- yes, that was it! I saw the bigger picture. 

I’ve heard that money cannot buy you happiness.

To that I say, “Maybe, but do you really know what makes you happy?”

To which, I’m sure you would respond, “What do you know?! You are an embryo!’

It’s true. I’m only 25 so I cannot profess to be an expert on life. I can only tell you what these short 25 years have taught me.

Last year, was one of the hardest years of my life so far. It was supposed to be MY year! Okay, so I tell myself that every year... but last year was really supposed to be it!  And you know what, the 24th year of my life really broke me. During this time, I learned something. I learned that one of the keys to life is figuring out what makes you happy. Not just subconsciously knowing that you prefer ranch dressing over caesar; like really figuring it out.

And one of the first things I figured out was realizing what really made me happy on a daily basis was punching out at work! I love travelling but did that mean that I loved selling it day in and day out? I realized that just because I was passionate about travel didn’t mean that I was happy sitting behind a desk promoting travel insurance and tours and badgering clients to “BOOK NOW”; just so I could meet my sales target for the month. I had to ask myself, what would I be happy doing day in and day out? It took me months but after really taking the time to weigh the pros and the cons, I quit.

Driving to my new job, over the Port Man I think, “There goes $3.25 which is 5 minutes at work. 5 minutes that I could be punching out earlier. 5 minutes that I could be sleeping in longer.” 

But every day, when I make it to the other side of that bridge, I end that thought with, “Today, because I quit that job and crossed that bridge and paid $3.25 to cross that bridge, I’m making $5 more per hour.” 

$5/hour = $230/week = $1000/month = over $12000/year = 75 unpaid vacation days

75 days that if I chose not to drive across this bridge and sleep in instead, I would still be able to afford the life I was living when I was at my old job= “the bigger picture”

So... “Do you really know what makes you happy?” Because though I’m only 25 and certainly not an expert on life, this is what I've learned so far. I’ve learned that I prefer caesar to ranch. 

I prefer traveling to selling travel. 

I prefer sleeping in to driving to work. 

And I prefer figuring out what makes me happy and working towards it now to waking up one day and realizing that I am no longer an embryo and I really just want to sleep in.  

I am so honored to have been asked by Deb to participate alongside all these encouraging women with their vast variety of skill sets to open up our homes and share snippets of our lives (unbeknownst to our husbands... Jk I'm speaking for myself when I say that). 

Though it may take me, harnessing all their strength and courage, I look forward to showing you what the past year has taught me. I met these women on Instagram right before what turned out to be the pinnacle of (excuse my French) the sh*t show that was my 24th year and I'm so excited for what is ahead. 

I hope my mistakes can be your lessons-learned and my stories of past failures make you laugh as much as they made me cry. I want to show you how important the life you are living now is. How your everyday actions need to be made with intent to benefit your future and how you can enjoy the journey. Along with sharing some personal experiences, I'm going to be sharing money saving tricks for everyday life, findings from my research on financial plans and investments, as well as budget friendly leisure and travel tips.