Am I Crazy?

There's me and my new husband, already walking too fast and making him carry my least he looks happy because I sure look determined! -  photo by Innamorata Photography

There's me and my new husband, already walking too fast and making him carry my least he looks happy because I sure look determined! - photo by Innamorata Photography

Hey y'all! Yes, you just read that correctly, and I did in fact say "y'all". I'm from the South, Alabama to be exact, and I just can't help it. It's in this southern belle's daily vocabulary! I am stoked about starting this journey with these incredible ladies here on Society Letters. There is a possibility that I have the most To-Do lists, the craziest schedule, and the largest amount of coffee stored in my kitchen. I cannot believe I have found so many beautiful women, inside and out, who are so encouraging and share so many similarities with me. We are all in different areas and walks of our lives, yet we still have so many "oh me toos!". Together we will share letters that I hope will inspire you and make you say, "Oh, I am not the only one!" I am so humbled and flattered to be a part of Society Letters with these strong and talented women. They inspire me daily and I can only hope it will be passed onto you. We welcome you into our everyday lives, our homes, and our seasons of learning and growing.   

A month ago I was at the doctor for my yearly. I know what you are thinking, but no just stop right there. I'm always the woman who ask a million questions in all areas of life, and also the same one afraid of mixing Tylenol with Benadryl. I know, I am weird! So I began to ask questions, and then proceeded to tell him I had a problem. Of course he asked what the problem was, and I very bluntly told him I was crazy. He laughed and shook his head, and I just looked at him with no expression on my face. He then got a little serious, and asked me to tell him what all has happened in the past year. Before I get into that, I am sure many of you would agree with me that there are times you just feel downright crazy! Overwhelmed, defeated, exhausted, stressed, insane... those are just a few of the feelings that I know any of you who have hormones can feel. I have felt them more times than I would like to count in the past year. 

There's me again, on the go as usual... -  photo by I    nnamorata P  hotography 

There's me again, on the go as usual... - photo by Innamorata Photography 

I got married last May and moved to Georgia to be with my husband, finally! I left everything I had ever known for the past 27 years and began this new journey. If you would have told me that I would not only move to Georgia, but move twice after that, travel every other week to Alabama for work, buy a house and renovate it, start a new job in Georgia, oh and be a WIFE, I would have told YOU that you are crazy! Somehow in the middle of it all, I have discovered this non-stop passion for home decor. I have a crazy obsession with changing out the decor in our home at least once a week. Not to mention, I love a good project and believe I am currently working on five at once! 
We can get into all that I have learned thus far in marriage later, because trust me, it's good. As well as how I am juggling multiple jobs and renovating a house with my husband, who most of the time doesn't remember the word "budget." I have so many things going on in my life, with ideas and dreams constantly running through my head, that I am waiting to explode!

So now do you want to know what really IS crazy?! I LOVE IT!! I love it all, and I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. My crazy life makes me the woman I am. It is challenging me daily, making me grow mentally and spiritually, showing me patience, giving me hope, teaching me to be humble and most of all it is making me see my purpose!

Until next time....