Happiness is Simple

Hello to all my new friends, old friends, family, strangers, stalkers…. (I think that covers everyone?) and welcome to my first official blog post here on Society Letters!! I am SO excited to be here and I hope you are too. This is going to be such a fun ride with so much individuality amongst this amazing group of women! I can’t wait to see where this journey will take us. Hopefully over to the west coast to be on The Ellen DeGeneres show because I would literally die (and/or pee my pants) if I met her, but my obsession for her is for another time. And in all seriousness, that isn’t my (sole) reason for being here. I love writing, I love sharing experiences and learning from others, I like to think I’m funny and enjoy making people laugh, and I am obsessed with taking photos and documenting life through pictures and story telling. For these reasons, the transition from Instagram and my personal blog  to being a contributor here seemed so natural to me.

So that’s essentially the short version of why I’m here (there actually isn’t really a longer version, but saying “here’s the short version” makes us feel a little more important than we actually are, right? Or is that just me? This rambling is actually turning it into a long version after all which is not what I intended, so I should probably stop now and get on with it). For my first post, I am sharing with you 10 simple things in everyday life that make me happy. Oh, and that picture here is of my handsome hubs, J (Justin for long) and me, caught in one of our typical him-making-me-laugh-out-loud-moments (see numbers 2 and 6 below).  

10 Simple Things That Make Me Happy  

photo by J & E Fusion

photo by J & E Fusion

1. Leafing through a new trashy (or not trashy for all you wholesome folks out there) magazine.
2. Laughing so hard you cry- like legit tears streaming down your face. 
3. Wearing the same pair of leggings for 3 days in a row- and not caring what anyone thinks. 
4. Looking at the stars- like stopping and taking a few minutes to really look at them. 
5. That first sip of coffee. 
6. Glancing over at the one(s) you love and having that feeling of pure bliss wash over you. 
7. Freshly painted nails- (especially when you do them yourself and they turned out a-ok. 
8. Crawling into a bed of freshly-washed sheets. 
9. When your favorite song comes on the radio and you’re in the car by yourself so you can totally bust it out at the top of your lungs without feeling self-conscious.
10. Realizing your passion and following it (kinda like what I’m doing here!)

Does anyone agree with any of these in particular? What would you add to YOUR list? I'd love to hear what makes you happy, be sure to leave a comment below to share with me and who knows, you may come home to an ice cream cone in your mailbox one day soon :). 

Alright that's it for me, I'll see you guys in a couple weeks! Until then, be sure to check back for the other great posts that will be popping up daily.