This Guy I Call My Boyfriend....

Hello my friends! I’m so happy you stopped by Society Letters and even happier you’re taking the time to step into our daily lives! It isn’t everyday you team up with complete strangers who by the grace of God are incredible women with an immense amount of talent! Together we will share how perfectly imperfect our lives can be, the passions we commonly share and even the differences we often have. Our goal is to inspire one another with the hope of inspiring each of you! We welcome you into our homes, our hearts and our crazy ideas of turning dreams into a reality.

So shall we chat? Let’s be real with each other! Like real enough to jump deep into some juicy gossip that will have you reaching for a glass of wine! Is it weird that I picture you curled up on the couch with your laptop, snuggled up with a glass of wine and wondering what in the heck is about to come out of my mouth? It’s like I’m totally inviting myself in, which is normal, right?

I’ve been overwhelmed with excitement, anticipation and a stomach filled with butterflies all day! My room currently looks like a war zone because finding the perfect outfit has been nearly impossible! I shopped all day and came home with zilch, nada, I mean nothing! Seriously, how hard can it possibly be to find the perfect outfit? Is he truly going to care that I just spent the past 24 hours putting together an outfit that I’m not even sure I like!? I’ve now shaved my legs three times, brushed my teeth to an entire episode of FRIENDS and my mani/pedi is on point! Not to mention, girl never wears a pair of heels because skinned knees and a bruised ego are the inevitable! Especially when I’m trying to get my sexy but totally confident strut on right in front of him! Don’t lie, you know you do it too.

It’s now fifteen minutes before he arrives and I’ve already reapplied my makeup twice and I’m on my eleventh outfit! I guess I should mention all while taking an endless amount of selfies because a second opinion is always needed. Wait, hold up, is that the doorbell? Is this dude already here because I’m pretty sure I needed to fix my hair one more time! Totally panicking but time to answer the door because this guy is dreamy, incredibly charming and I’m almost certain he qualifies to meet the rents! Thankful for the nearby mirror as I quickly give myself one last look while slowly opening the door! Ahhh there he is, my husband, yes MY HUSBAND! Why on earth did I ever stop dating you? How could I ever forget dating you was the most magical time of my life? Seriously, did our lives get so busy that we completely forgot how much we adored dating one another? Are we really sitting around talking how much time we don’t have instead of utilizing the time we do have? This once boyfriend, made me fall deeply, madly in love with him and it all started with this very date. Why would I ever want to stop feeling this way?

So my question is…. Do you date? Are you guilty of this same mistake? Never in a million years did I dream that not dating my husband would be a mistake! I mean seriously, this dude has been my husband for seven years now and I’m just now realizing that I stopped dating him? Did my life really get that busy that I just “forgot?’ It’s definitely time to slowdown and reevaluate because dating my husband is like a warm batch of cookies that just popped out of the oven and I’m totally dipping them into some milk!

Until the Next Date,