How did I end up here?

How exciting that you’ve landed here on Society Letters. You may wonder how I ended up here. It’s like Deb said, God has a funny way of leading you to certain people and places. Tom, my fiancé, and I bought our first home September 2014 and believe me when I say – my Pinterest board was on steroids! I was so inspired and excited to make all of these fun and beautiful changes to our home, not realizing I had no idea how. To my surprise, Tom came through and super-manned all of our initial renovations, taught me the basics and here we are today with at least 10 projects going at one time. One day, I posted a photo of my DIY blanket ladder that I built using plans to Instagram, next thing I know the two sisters featured my post on their social media sites and just like that, new followers started trickling in asking for more! These followers (or as I prefer to call them: my IG Family) led me to today, a day where I can truthfully tell you that I have formed relationships and friendships I would have never dreamed of. Friendships with your not so typical women; they are today’s definition of Super-Woman and I hope that you come back to learn more about them as I have and continue to.

What will I contribute to this blog? I believe that at 20-something I have had some bizarre life experiences, lessons learned, obstacles overcome and slowly fallen in love with who I am becoming. By day, I am an acute care nurse at a Veterans Hospital; this is one of my greatest passions. Caring for people is what I was born to do and to say that I get to take care of America’s heroes gives me goosebumps. I serve those that have served us. Also by day, I am engaged to the most down-to-earth, smart, loving and kind man; our wedding is coming up June 2016 and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with him. We recently adopted a 2 year old, beautiful dog named Scarlet, and she has taught and continues to teach us so much about love and our relationship now and hopefully as future parents (styles of discipline has never been an issue until now). By night (or by day-off since I work so many crazy hours), I am an amateur DIY'er, makeup and beauty junky, home-renovating, furniture-building, sign-making guru. Also, I struggle with health, weight, anxiety, my own insecurities, time-management, culture & family and job-related fatigue.

I am prepared to open up; I am ready to show you, teach you and guide you through things that I have been through. I also look forward to learning from you and with you. What an amazing opportunity and experience for all of us! Women should lift each other up, we should help each other, we should teach each other, and we should love each other because we are all strong and beautiful. This is exactly what you will find here from my friends and me. I hope that you can leave here and feel more inspired, empowered and beautiful.