Hello? Can Everybody Hear Me...

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...I wish you could, because this is the sort of thing I am great at face to face. Outgoing? Why yes! That's me! Writer? Err, not so much.  This is hard work when there's no tone involved! Breathe... Be cool, K. Be cool. You see, I don't know anything about blogging. Yes, I've read blogging articles here and there, but that's the extent of it.  Since I became a Society Letter lady, I've been reading every blog about blogging there is.  What's my writing style? Ummm, I don't know, peppy, perhaps? I'll let you decide. Tons and tons of rough drafts later and I believe we have a winner! Kinda! 

Just 2 years ago social media was non-existent in my life. I didn't have any interest in Facebook, I couldn't pin on a board, and I still don't know what twitter looks like.  I created an Instagram account in hopes to reconnect with some of my old friends who I lost touch with after graduating high school.  Take a pic, upload, write something insightful- THIS I could do.  After all, everyone knows I'm usually the last person catching up with technology. Some months back, my hubs and I decided to start working on our little cabin. The concept of the #hashtag became very apparent as I stepped my cute little virtual foot into so many amazing homes! Wow! Can I just mention how creative all of you are?  I can't #DIY but I'm so friendly in the real world that I couldn't handle feeling so far away. I took a leap, made my page public and that has made it so much easier to connect with all of you! 

I've always been a creature of habit: don't move my cheese and we won't have a problem.  Let's thank my dad for that one.  He was always pretty old-fashioned and set in his ways.  My parents along with my little brother and I migrated to the U.S. from Cuba when I was 6 years old.  We didn't have much growing up.  Dad was content with our family having what was "needed".  So, we had the usual: hand-me-downs, cabbage patch kids with crayoned cheeks, and worn out shoes. That was fine by me, but it was hard to make friends because I looked and spoke differently.  I had huge eyeglasses, a gap between my two front teeth, and I wore leg braces like Forrest Gump!  I mean gosh, cut a girl some slack! 

When college came around, there was turmoil at home.  My dad, bless his heart, did not want me to go. His dream was for me to devote my entire life to God and become a housewife.  Needless to say, when it came time, I didn't have much guidance when it came to applications, scholarships or grants, but not going to college just didn't feel right.  So, I made the "rebellious" decision to move out, work, get a gym membership and attend the NSU (nearest state university).  I survived and graduated!  Sometimes you just have to listen to your gut, get up, and get moving if you want things to happen.  

I'm lucky enough to be a part of Society Letters with a group of talented gals who want to start something grande. I'd love to share more about my love for fitness and how I got to where I am, both mentally and physically.  I'll share more about my life as a woman, wife and step-mother.  My career in nursing continues to humble me and I realize that life is about balance. As for me, anything goes. Fitting in or not, having money or not, staying healthy or not: it's all acceptable here. This is a judge free zone. Let's team up, look the elephant dead in the eye, and address some of the issues that women face. Shall we?

Once again, I'm excited to get out of my comfort zone and open the doors of my world to all of you!  Quite scary for someone like me, but I feel we are going to have so much fun! Oh, if you're wondering #whatimdoingnow, I'm off to support my fellow friends and subscribe to their blogs.  Don't be a stranger and thanks for reading.